Would you like to tour this summer?
Not sure where to start?

America On Stage and Dutton Productions invite you and your dancers to tour and perform in Branson this summer with the World Famous Duttons! Now is the time to take your teams on tour!

And the best part: we’ve already set up everything.

Just tell us when you want to go and we’ll make it all happen! It’s that easy!

Perform with the

The World Famous Duttons performing group and America On Stage invite you and your dancers to tour Branson, Missouri - one of the entertainment capitols of the world!
More fun and excitement await you on this already set up tour.

Perform as part of the Dutton’s opening act, see the sights in Branson, play at one of the best amusement parks in the nation - Silver Dollar City, soak in all the sun at Branson’s huge water park White Water, see shows throughout Branson and spend your nights at the amazing Dutton Inn.

And best of all, you don’t have to do anything but get your show ready!

We’ve taken care of everything else..
Performances, hotel, airfare, transportation, tickets for shows, and more!

Just let us know you want to come!


All this for as low as $120/dancer!
Let us make it happen for you!

Show off your
dancers as you
open the show!

Bring your best!


2013 Summer packages:


3 Night Package: $120 per person (4 persons per room)
4 Night Package: $140 per person (4 persons per room)
5 Night Package: $160 per person (4 persons per room)
7 Night Package: $200 per person (4 persons per room)

The above packages include the following:
Dutton Show
Dyer Show
Haygoods Show
Two preshows.


3 Night Package: $140 per person (4 persons per room)
4 Night Package: $160 per person (4 persons per room)
5 Night Package: $180 per person (4 persons per room)
7 Night Package: $220 per person (4 persons per room)

The above packages include the following:
Dutton Show
Dyer Show
Haygoods Show
Two preshows.

Room rates are available for 3, 2 & 1 persons in a room.

The following shows can be added for additional prices:

Clay Cooper
Dixie Stampede
Hamner Barber
Red Hot & Blue
Showboat Branson Belle

The following events can be added for additional prices:

Silver Dollar City
White Water

Preshows Available:

Clay Cooper
Dixie Stampede
Red Hot & Blue

All shows and events are based on availability

Contact the Groups office and state you are with the America On Stage group.


Branson, Missouri!

Branson is one of the most exciting places to be as an entertainer and keep it family-oriented! Branson is a city full of several performance theaters featuring shows from variety, to magic,  singing, music, and comedy!

In addition they have all kinds of fun including water parks, amusement parks, mini golf, go-karts, helicopter rides, the largest Titanic Museum in the world.

Branson features some of the best shows including the World Famous Duttons - a family group who has been featured all around the world and television including the Top 10 finalists on America's Got Talent!

You are invited to come tour Branson and be the Opening Act of their prestigious show! Shine like a star in Branson.

The Duttons Website

America On Stage Website



Tour Conditions:

You have the option of securing your own transportation or you can have us handle it for you. We have secured some great rates in and out of the downtown Branson airport! Just let us know when you call if you want your package to include airfare or if you want to handle it yourself.

All participants in Branson Summer Star Tours housed in the Dutton Inn - a fabulous hotel located right on the Highway 76 - Branson's Main Street, often called the Strip. It's location is close to many food locations, many shows, and puts you right in the heart of downtown Branson.

The most fun part of touring is performing and we offer you a chance to dance on one of the most exciting stages in Branson. You will open the show for the Duttons! You bring up to a 25 minute show with all your best dancers. Dancers need to be at least intermediate level and your show should be all ready to go (no directors down front directing, etc). The stage is very wide (30 feet), however it is a little shallow (15 feet) so plan ahead.

Costumes and Music
The Duttons is an incredibly popular show and very family friendly. Costumes and music should reflect these ideals as well. No offensive music with swear words, offensive language, or inappropriate lyrics. Costumes need to be modest and may not show midriffs, or short short skirts.

See as many show as you want while you are in Branson. While you open for the Duttons, we invite you to see their amazing show - it was awarded Show of the Year in 2010! There are several other shows you can see while you are in Branson. Simply ask when you call to book your tour about available shows and we'll take care of the ticketing for you. It's that easy

Silver Dollar City and White Water
In addition to all the great shows, Branson is home to one of the most unique and fun amusement parks in the nation - Silver Dollar City! From Roller Coasters to handicrafts, you will love this park. Transportation to and from Silver Dollar City is provided in your tour.

And to beat the heat of the Midwest, Branson also has a huge water park called White Water! Huge slides, wave pools and more fun than you can have in one day await. Located around the corner from the Duttons, you will have a great time getting out of the heat and into the water!

ONE chaperons per every 5 kids is required. This helps us to keep all touring members safe and ready to go. Chaperones receive tickets as well to the shows. We ask Chaperones to assist the director in helping touring members to be ready, well behaved, and to manage themselves while on tour, on stage, in the hotel and in shows.

You are welcome to get your own transportation around Branson or we'll assist you. Most of the shows in town are located right around the Dutton Inn and are within easy walking distance. We will transport you to and from Silver Dollar City and can transport you to and from the airport. Just let us know how we can best assist you!

Breakfast and other meals
You will receive free breakfasts at the Dutton Inn every morning! And not just a small continental breakfast, we offer a full breakfast from eggs, to sausage, to biscuits and grave to cereal and orange juice. Start your day off right with a good breakfast and it's all included!

There are other food locations to eat around the Dutton Inn.

This is most important as one group can ruin it for several others. We ask you to remind your dancers to behave appropriately while in the hotel, on and off stage, and around Branson. Loud, raucous behavior will not be tolerated and can be means to Directors and Chaperones are responsible to

Special Director's rates
Ask about it when you book. The more students you bring, the greater discount on your hotel room! Bring 20 dancers and your room is free!

Here's what to do next!

1. Contact Branson Star Tours at - 801-224-8334
      Talk to Greg or leave a message and we'll call you back.
      Or E-mail us here and let us know you are interested. Let us know of any questions you have
  Greg will contact you and answer any questions you have, explain any further topics and confirm dates available.

2. After talking with Greg, you will contact your Tour Representative - Sheila at 1-417-332-2772, and let her know what you would like to do on your tour. She has lots of recommendations on how you can customize your tour. She'll take care of everything, set your dates, and confirm your tour.

Contact us with questions and booking
 E-mail: aoswebman@americaonstage.org
 Phone: 1-801-224-8334



Select from the available options below.  All shows and events will be based on availability!  If your group wants to go to shows not listed, they will need to be contacted directly by the group.



Clay Cooper                                                 www.claycoopertheatre.com

            Dixie Stampede                                           www.dixiestampede.com

            Duttons                                                        www.theduttons.com

            Dyer                                                             www.georgedyer.com

        Hamner Barber                                             www.HamnerBarber.com

            Haygoods                                                     www.thehaygoods.com

            Legends                                                       www.thelegendsinconcert.com

            Red Hot & Blue                                           www.redhotblue.com

            Showboat Branson Belle                             www.showboatbransonbelle.com



All Preshows Are Based on Time Availability at Each Venue

            Clay Cooper                                                

Dixie Stampede                     





Red Hot & Blue                     



            Silver Dollar City                                         www.silverdollarcity.com

            Titanic                                                          www.titanicattraction.com

        White Water                                                 www.bransonwhitewater.com


After we review your requests and check availability, we will send you a quote and confirmation.  Once agreed on everything, a contract will be sent for your review, approval and signature showing deposit dates and final payments.



The following is information only regarding eating places and transportation in Branson you might want to know about.



(Schedule Through The Duttons Group Department)


See attached.



(Scheduled by Clogger Group)


All listed group prices include Tax and Gratuity, minimum of 20 (20+2 over 20)


Walking Distance


Close Driving Distance





Branson Shuttle Service          417-335-4466

Grayline of the Ozark’s          417-334-5463

Terry’s Transport417-331-2821 Shuttle & Airport Taxi bookings, 417-339-1024 FAX http://www.ttbranson.com/





Text Box: Catered Meals


Abby’s Tourist Trap offers convenient catered meals.  Have your group eat a smaller ½ Sandwich/soup meal or a full buffet before being escorted to the theater personally by one of the Duttons!


Abby's Tourist Trap seats up to 80 people.  The Dutton Inn Conference Room seats up to 100 people.

The following menu is offered for the 2012- 2013 season.  Gratuity and taxes are included in these prices.  Dinner plates and silverware can be substituted for paper and plastic ware for a $1.00/person charge.

Contact the Group Sales Department to order any of the above @ 417-332-2772

Sandwich Buffet Menu

$11.00 (Includes Taxes and Gratuity)

Soup: (Choose 1)


Tossed Salad:

Chicken Noodle, Vegetable or Vegetable Beef


Dressings (Choose 2) - Ranch, Italian or Others as Requested

Sandwich (Served on Hoagie Bun):


Salad Toppings:

Choice of:  Club, Ham and Cheese, Turkey


Bacon Bits, Croutons & Cheese

Chips:   Regular Chips & Doritos


Prepared Salads (Choose 2)



Potato, Macaroni, Cole Slaw & Pasta

Dessert:  Assorted Cookies, Brownies, Cakes or              Cobblers



Drinks:  Tea & Lemonade




Dinner Buffet Menu

$12.00 (Includes Taxes and Gratuity)

Vegetable (Choose 1)


Tossed Salad:

Corn, green beans, carrots, peas or mixed vegetables


            Dressings (Choose 2) -Ranch, Italian or       Others as Requested

Potato – Hot (Choose 1)



Salad Toppings:

Red, Baked or Mashed Potatoes & Gravy


Bacon Bits, Croutons & Cheese

Hot Meats (Choose 2)


All Meals Include:

Pulled Pork, Beef Brisket, Ham, Spaghetti, Pot Roast, Vegetable Pot Pie, Beef or Chicken Pot Pie, Penne Noodles & Sauce, Baked Chicken, Seasoned Lemon Pepper Chicken, Cajun Chicken, Hawaiian Chicken, Teriyaki Chicken or Smoked Chicken


Dinner Rolls with Butter, Dessert & Tea or Lemonade

Dessert: Cookies, Brownie, Cake, cobbler






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