Kick Off Classic Arizona 2019

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Overall Awards

Overall Line Team - Stomp it Out Sr. Elite
Overall Open Team - Veva's Fab 5 POWERTAP IGNITED

Overall A Cappella
1st - Brooke Hall
2nd - Breein Reeder
3rd - Carly Zito
4th - Katee Grandil

Overall A Cappella Duet

1st - Bella and Lana
2nd - Marley McDermott and Saige Ketcherside

Overall Duet
1st - Bella and Lana
2nd - Breein and Charlee
2nd - Marley McDermott and Veva Ahlstrom
3rd - Reiss Budd and Hadlie Mecham
4th - Brooke and Breein
5th - Brooke and Morgan

Overall Short Duet
1st - Carlee Johansson and Lauren Young
2nd - Chloe Hildebrand and Savannah Speelmon
2nd - Taytum Coons and Mari Wood

Overall Freestyle Jr
1st - Reiss Budd
2nd - Lana Shallenberger
3rd - Bella Shallenberger
4th - Brooke Thatcher
5th - Chloe Hildebrand

Overall Freestyle Sr
1st - Marley McDermott
2nd - Marianne Wood
3rd - Breein Reeder
4th - Sadie Schow
5th - Taytum Coons