Directors Retreat!
November 4, 2022
Rose Wagner Theater, Salt Lake City, UT

Join us for our seventh Directors Retreat! This special event is open only to Directors and Teachers and will feature some of the best teaching around.
Our goals are to give you as much material as we can to help you with your studio for the entire year.
In addition, we want to establish camaraderie among directors, so we have several events designed to help you get to know everyone else!

By holding a fun event like this, we hope clogging and power tap will flourish like never before through the sharing of ideas, helpful tips, and lots of great choreography.
And with no students around, you can relax and learn at your own pace with no distractions! Join us for this fantastic new event! You will love all the new material we have for you!

2022 Director's Schedule

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National Instructors
Who's teaching at this Directors Retreat? Only the best of the best. We have the top directors from the east and west coast coming to teach dances in all levels. Each of our teachers has won National Titles and is considered amongst the best in clogging today. At the retreat, each teacher will focus on a dance, and you should leave with so much USEABLE material, but great and useable choreography to last your entire year! Talk about a boost to each studio!

Directors Retreat Benefits
**Many new dances, steps, choreographies
**Personal Instruction
**Many New and Varied Styles
**Difficult Step breakdown
**Technique teaching
**The latest in dance steps, formations, etc.
**Video of all dances taught (bring your camera)
**Lots of material for the entire year
**Specialty classes (Duets, etc)
**Dances for every level!
**National Instructors
**Directors Roundtable
**No Students, just you learning!
**And much much more*!*

2022 - Rose Wagner Theater
We have secured one of the nicest facilities in Utah for 2022. The Rose Wagner theater boasts one of the best viewing audiences and beautiful auditoriums, a large stage, and plenty of room for us to dance. It is in downtown Salt Lake, and close to the host hotel and within walking distance to all foods, hotels, and shopping!

Initial Schedule
As registration and RSVPs come in, we will further solidify our schedule. Here*s how we think it will all happen!

Friday, November 4th
9:00 am Registration and Check in, Dancing workshops
1:30 pm Lunch (provided by us!)
2:30 pm Roundtables
5:30 pm Conclusion

Admission Costs

So how do you attend? Admission is FREE to all directors who purchase the All-Around Solo packets. You receive 2 DVDs with all 30 solos and up to 120 new steps! The packets can be purchased at for $139. (After Sept 30, they go up to $159.) You can also come to the Retreat for $159 and get a free All-Around Solo Packet there!

Additional Teachers
Each Director is welcome to bring their teachers as well! We know studios are run by several people and each teacher is welcome to come for an additional $30. Your free admission is for the DIRECTOR of a studio. If there is more than one studio director, your free admission will cover two STUDIO DIRECTORS. If the studio director is not able to come, a teacher may attend in their place for no additional charge. Encourage your teachers to come as it will improve their ability to teach as well as your own! Please no students, teachers only.

So join us for this inaugural Directors Retreat! To register, simply return the RSVP attached at the bottom of this form and we will see you in November.

For questions, consult the newly updated website or contact us at You can also call us at (801) 224-8334.
See you then! American On Stage Directors Retreat committee!

Directors Retreat RSVP and Reservation

To attend this year's Directors Retreat, we're going to keep it simple.
Simply Email us here and let us know you're coming and who else is attending with you
Email AOS here to confirm you are attending

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Select the event "Director's Retreat"

Event information will be sent to you. See you soon!


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