Kick Off Classic Boise 2023
Updated Schedule

Date last updated: 1/13/2023

Friday and Saturday, February 10-11
Nampa Civic Center

UPDATED! Studios have two choices in competing at Kick Off Classic Boise!
New Studio Sectionals - Compete all but your highest level in a studio Sectional with 3 or 4 other studios.
This allows you to compete your entries in a compressed time, without being there 4 days.
Standard Categories - Compete all entries in normal competition categories in order (Novice, Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced)

Notice All Dance Advanced Solos are assigned their own time Friday.

Friday, February 10, 2023
Dance ALL Solos/Duos/Trios (Nov, Beg, Int, Adv)
Clogging Novice - Advanced All Categories

There are TWO stages - The Auditorium and Ballroom stage

Auditorium Stage

8:30 am - Dance Intermediate Solos/Duos/Trios
1:15 pm Dance Intermediate Awards
pm - All Dance Advanced Solos/Duos/Trios
4:30 pm - Dance Advanced Solos Dance Off
4:45 pm - Dance Advanced Solos/D/T Awards!

5:15 pm - Clogging Novice All Events
5:45 pm - Clogging Beginning All Events
6:30 pm - Clogging Intermediate All Events
8:00 pm - Clogging Advanced All Events
9:30 pm - Clogging Awards


Ballroom Stage

12:00 pm - Dance Novice Solos/Duos/Trios
3:00 pm Dance Novice Awards
pm - All Dance Beginning Solos/Duos/Trios
6:30 pm - Dance Beginning Solos/Duos/Trios Awards!


Saturday, February 11, 2023
Dance All Teams
Clogging Championship and Pro All Categories

All Saturday events are dancing on the Auditorium Stage

9:00 am - Dance Recreational Teams
9:00 am - Dance Novice Teams
11:30 am - Novice Teams Awards
12:00 pm - Dance Beginning Teams
2:00 pm - Beginning Teams Awards
2:15 pm - Dance Intermediate Teams
2:15 pm - Dance Advanced Teams
4:45 pm - All Dance Intermediate and Advanced Overall Team Awards

5:15 pm - Clogging Championship Individuals, Duets
6:30 pm Clogging Championship and Professional Teams
7:45 Champ Awards
8:00 pm Professional Individual /Duets
9:15 Pro Dance Off
10:00 pm Clogging Awards

Schedule will update January 24th, 2023


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