Dixie Spectacular 2020 Updated Schedule
Date last updated: 
Final schedule to post 17 days prior.


Dance Clogging/Power Tap
Friday, March 20
Dance (Solos, Duet/Trios, Queens)
9:00 am Doors Open 

10:30 pm BEGINNING
   Solos, Duos/Trios

11:30 am
   Solos, Duos/Trios

   Solos, Duos/Trios

    7:00 pm ADVANCED
   Solos, Duet/Trios

~8:30 pm Events Conclusion


Saturday, March 21
Dance (Teams)

 7:00 a Doors Open

10:00 am

10:00 am INTERMEDIATE Teams

   **Adv and Inter Teams will  
   dance with categories mixed  
   together to avoid any
   costume change issues and

12:00 pm NOVICE Teams

   3:00 pm BEGINNING Teams

 ~8:30 Events conclusion

We will have a HUGE stage to dance all dance teams! We move into the LARGE expo hall with a 50x40 foot stage. This will allow us to end at a great time and allow you to enjoy St. George!


Friday, March 20
Clog (Novice, Beginning)

2:00p Doors Open

 5:00 pm NOVICE
 Duets, Individuals, Teams

 6:00 pm BEGINNING
 Duets, Individuals, Teams

 ~8:00 pm
Conclusion for day

*All advanced, champ, pro clogging on Saturday


Saturday, March 21
Clog (Intermediate, Advanced, Championship, Pro)

7:00a Doors open

  Duets, Individuals, Teams

 10:30 am ADVANCED
   Duets, Individuals, Teams

   Duets, Individuals

   1:00 pm CHAMP/PRO Teams

  3:30 pm PRO
   Duets, Individuals

   **Champ and Pro Teams will  
   dance with categories mixed  

Clogging Conclusion ~7:30 pm

We end early so you can enjoy
St. George! Enjoy the heat!


*tentative estimated starting line-up times only - may be different as much as 2-4 hours later depending on registration. We will send out a detailed, updated schedule one week before the event or check the web at www.americaonstage.org. 

Next Update scheduled for Thursday, 24 days prior to event

Questions? E-mail us at competitions@americaonstage.org