Musical Theatre  Nationals  
2024 Estimated Schedule!

Musical Theatre Updated Schedule
Updated 12/23/2024


11:00 am All Singing Events
5:30 pm Awards!

Final Program to post online May 5th

**These are estimated STARTING LINE-UP times only -
your time may be as much as 1 or 4 hours later depending on your age division & registration changes.

*Dancers may pick up their awards early if the desire at the Canyon Pavilion Awards Table.

All times are tentative and starting line-up times only. You could dance 1-3 hours before or after times listed above -
A detailed schedule will be online 25 days in advance. Lines are possible, we strongly urge everyone to arrive at Lagoon at least ONE HOUR early. Performers should be ready to compete 15 minutes before each event.
A quick change tent might be a fun idea, there is a large grassy area behind the stage.