Open Nationals 2022 Results

Clogging Age Division Results

Results by Director

All-Americans and Jr. All-Americans

Overall Teams

Novice Overall Teams

NextStep Stars Little Red Wagon Amber Henrie
NextStep Rhythm Smile Amber Henrie
NextStep Minis Ride Amber Henrie
Electricity Think Pink Heather Mineer
K&C'S FAB 5 EUPHORIA CAT IN THE HAT Kandice Anderson & C. Gib
Xpress Novice All for One Shaundalee/Melissa Morgan
NRG Babiez Confident Vickie Neilson


Beginning Overall Teams

NextStep Stompers Popular Amber Henrie
eR Excite Bethany Hulse
eR Empower Wild Child Bethany Hulse
Flash Cuban Pete Heather Mineer
Express Drop the Mambo Heather Mineer
Jr. Irish Taps Fiddle Heather Mineer
EDA Cloggers Rollin in the Deep Jamie Liechty
K&C'S FAB 5 EXTREME FIRE LEGS Kandice Anderson & C. Gib
K&C'S FAB 5 EMPRISE CHEER Kandice Anderson & C. Gib
DFC Excaliburs Hillbilly Dirty Dance Kristie L. Roche


Intermediate Overall Teams

NextStep Explosion In Da Mood Amber Henrie
eR Empower Fire Under My Feet Bethany Hulse
eR Infinity Wonderful Life Bethany Hulse
K&C'S FAB 5 BLUSH HARD KNOCK LIFE Kandice Anderson & C. Gib
K&C'S FAB 5 BLUSH GOT YOUR NUMBER Kandice Anderson & C. Gib
Foothill Feisty Banana Tara Osborn
NRG Blush Rock You Vickie Neilson
NRG Qteez Compass Vickie Neilson

Advanced Overall Teams

eR Express Upside Down Bethany Hulse
eR FX Queen Elizabeth Bethany Hulse
Senior Elite Fierce Heather Mineer
K&C'S FAB 5 REQUEST MIME Kandice Anderson & C. Gib
Rocky Mtn. Beatz Nothing Better Maria Tucker
Razz & Rhythm Allstars Tightrope Missy Maughan
Xpress Hot Steppers Old Town Road Shaundalee/Melissa Morgan
NRG Divaz Excuses Vickie Neilson


Championship Overall Teams

NextStep Elite Aladdin Amber Henrie
K&C Fab 5 Leverage Kandice Anderson & C. Gib
NRG Fusion Fireball Vickie Neilson
Thundertaps Dynamite Yvonne Kennison
Thundertaps/Explosion Coco Yvonne Kennison