2022 Showcase Spectacular Results

Dance Age Division Results

Results by Director

2022 All-Americans!!!


Overall Teams

Novice Overall Teams

Sapphire Team Cover Me in Sunshine Brittany Hoyt
Swag Crew Granny Swag Cassi Cook
LDC Mini Elite Kid Candy Shop Ciera Hensley & Amanda Heine
Mini Company Rockin' Robin Courtney Blaser
Ignite Studio Ooh La La La Jessica Lavigne
Ignite Studio Work Jessica Lavigne
Ignite Studio Fly Jessica Lavigne
Triple Step Minis Move It Jessica Mohler
Encore Company The Glow Kimberly Nelson
Petite Company Walk the Dinosaur Lindsey Camp
Teen Company Shake the Room Lindsey Camp
Mini Company Route 66 Lindsey Camp
DES Dynamite Move Like a Snake Michelle Pecora
DES Infinity The Business Michelle Pecora
Grace Dance Academy Alice Nikki Heidemann
Grace Dance Academy Ready, Set, GO! Nikki Heidemann
Nebo Jr. Cheer Nebo Jr. Cheer Nikkii Sperry
Nebo Sr. Cheer Nebo Sr. Cheer Nikkii Sperry
Sensations Friend Like Me Shanna Cook
Darling Dancers What Else Can I do Tawna Marriott

Beginning Overall Teams

Mini Company Neverland Medley Amanda Culpepper
Competition Co All That Jazz Brittani Bailey Hale
Jr Prep Carry You Cassi Cook
Jr prep company I do Cassi Cook
Swag Crew Runway Cassi Cook
Jr Jam Mini Company Wanna Be Happy Debbie Kishpaugh (Kristen LeGore Studio Manager)
Jr Jam Tween Company Bang Bang Debbie Kishpaugh (Kristen LeGore Studio Manager)
Dazzling Stars Performance Cheer Mini Team Diane Windley & Shelli Welch
Jr Elite Comin in fast Kim York
Spot On Company Goosebumps Kimberly Nelson
Gold Company Little Party Lindsey Camp
Jr. Elite Prep How Does A Moment Last Forever Lindsey Camp
Opal It had to be you Michelle Capunay
N&B JUNIOR BALLET Natalie Story & Bella C
Grace Dance Academy Shum Nikki Heidemann
TG Encore Whole Wide Workd Peggy Earl & Lori Baker
Elite Revolution & Junior Releve Soul Bossa Nova Raquel Lake
Atomic Fire Smooth Criminal Shawnee Higham
Ignite Speaking French Susan English & Mindy Rooney
Sparkle Crew Little Lady Bugs Susan English & Mindy Rooney
Inferno Before He Cheats Trisha Cuvelier


Intermediate Overall Teams

Teen Crew Worldwide Cassi Cook
Jr Jam Company Line Library Debbie Kishpaugh (Kristen LeGore Studio Manager)
WCE LADY LIGHTNING Lady Lightning Jackie Hammrich
Elite Stars Red Ribbon Lindsey Camp
Diamond Elite Dance Bop Lindsey Camp
Onyx Cosmic Love Michelle Capunay
TG Extreme Noise Complaint Peggy Earl & Lori Baker
TG Jazz Club Queen for a Day Peggy Earl & Lori Baker
TG Excel For My Brother Peggy Earl & Lori Baker
Spartan Dance Force Up Sandee Nelson



Advanced Overall Teams

Senior Co Cruel Summer Cassi Cook
TG Elite Screen Time Peggy Earl & Lori Baker