Utah State Championships

2023 Updated Schedule!
Date last updated: 9/1/2023

We will update our schedule March 7 for Clogging
We will update our schedule March 14 for Dance

Clogging - April 8-9

Friday, April 14

9:30 am - Pro Duets
11:30 am - Pro Individuals
3:30 pm - Champ and Pro Teams

*In 2022, we danced Champ Individuals Saturday morning based on registration. We will update it as we get closer.

We plan on dancing champ individuals Saturday morning based on last year's schedule. We will update it when we know March 7

Saturday, April 15

10:00 am - Champ Individuals and Duets
12:30 pm - Advanced Teams, Individuals, Duets
12:30 pm - Intermediate Teams, Individuals, Duets
  4:00 pm - Beginning Teams, Individuals, Duets
  7:00 pm - Novice Teams, Individuals, Duets





Dance - April 15-16

Friday, April 21

  4:30 pm - Intermediate Solos, Duos, Trios
  5:00 pm - Advanced Solos, Duos, Trios
  8:30 pm - Awards!

Saturday, April 22

  9:00 am - Advanced and Intermediate Teams
  9:30 am - Novice Solos, Duos, Trios
  1:00 pm - Beginning Solos, Duos, Trios
  1:30 pm - Novice Teams
  1:30 pm - Beginning Teams




*tentative estimated starting line-up times only - may be different depending on registration and could be as much as 2-3 hours later. We will send out a detailed, updated schedule 24 days prior to the event and post the final program the Monday before the event.
Check the web at www.americaonstage.org.


Questions? E-mail us at competitions@americaonstage.org