Director's Grants


Due to the generosity of some charitable sponsors, America On Stage is proud of their STUDIO DEVELOPMENT GRANT PROGRAM!
It's available to qualifying performing arts studios. It is the hope at America On Stage that our introduction of STUDIO GRANTS can help studios to grow and expand as they desire.

What are Studio Grants?
Studio grants are cash grants given as credit certificates to qualifying directors of performing arts studios that participate in America On Stage events. Directors can use these certificates as credit towards the next events registration and keep the remaining balance of registration to be used at the director's discretion for studio improvement. Size of STUDIO GRANTS can be as much as 10% of all studio registration fees (competition fees for teams, duets, individuals, etc). All qualifying directors are eligible to receive up to 10% of their total studio registration received before the pre-registration deadline in a studio grant.

Grants expire one year after issue. Use them at your next America On Stage event.

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