Director's Personal Music and Video Folder
Upload your  Studio Music and Videos!

We have created an online music folder just for your studio that allows you to upload all your studio's team and solos, duos, trios music and then we will bring it to the event, all ready to play. One less thing to worry about at competition. Sweet huh! (Always bring a backup of your music yourself).
(You can also have your soloist's upload their own music online at if you like).

Our latest way to make competition better and more enjoyable for you, your dancers, and your competition experience.


1. Enter your password below.
2. Click on the button.
3. The sound link will appear below. Highlight it, copy it and paste it into your browser.
4. Drag and drop your music (and videos) into your folder in your opened folder.
If you have any questions, contact us at We'll make sure you are good to go. No stress.


Enter your Password to see your America On Stage Sound and video Link:

Director Sound and Video Link
Select Director's Name and Enter Password to see your grants.



Music Upload is Open!
Please bring your music on a digital device

Copy and paste it a web browser to upload your studio's music!

If there is no link next to your name, it will be created 4 weeks before your first event.
If there is no link after 4 weeks, please contact us at and we'll get it created for you

Deadline to Upload

The Deadline to have your music uploaded is the FRIDAY at MIDNIGHT (8 days before the competition) before you attend the competition.
Any music uploaded later may not be downloaded in time for the event.

Rename it so it is easy to find
We will need to be able to tell which song belongs to which team. Before you upload it, we ask you to simply name/rename each song with its Team name first and Song Title second.
Ex: A team named the "Starlights" dancing to the song "Hero" should have their song named "Starlights- Hero".
To rename a song file, simply right click on the song, click on "rename", type in the new title, and click Enter.


How to Upload
Uploading is easy:

1. On this page, Click on the Sound link above
2. Accept invitation in the next window that comes up if asked

3. Upload your music.
You can add music in two ways

1. Drag and Drop any music into the folder and it will upload immediately
To drag and drop, open another window and find your music files. Click on them and
drag and drop them into the Online folder window.

2. Click on "New", find your music, and click on it and then Open and it will Upload.

You will be able to see your music uploaded in the folder
 To add/delete music, simply return to this Email and follow the steps above.




BRING A BACKUP just in case.
As with all technology, we want to make sure you have a back up (technology is never perfect). Please bring a back up of your music just in case on iPad, iPod, CD or digital player.

Make sure you are logged into this Email to access your folder. Only those on this Email, who are logged into this Email can access the computer.
Please Email us if you are having any trouble at

Personal Access
Only you have access to this folder, and can add or delete music to it any time until two days before the competition. No one will have access to your music, it won't be shared with anyone and it will be deleted after the competition season.

Upload soon!
We encourage you to upload your music right away so we can make sure we have it all ready. The Wednesday before the competition, we will download your music and prepare it for the event. Any music uploaded after that might not be ready for competition.

Speed Control limited!
If you prefer, you can bring your own music on a digital device, with your own speed control. Music uploaded will be played at the speed it's set at. Minor speed adjustments may be available. We know many Clogging and Power Tap teams like to adjust their speed and prefer to being their own digital devices. And always bring your music on a device in case of a need for a backup.

Preferred format
Please upload your music in the .mp3 format.

Trouble logging in?
 If you click on the link and it denies access, make sure you are opening it from the Email it was sent to. If you need additional teacher access, simply send an Email request to and include the Email addresses that need to access the folder.
If you have any other trouble accessing your folder, please let us know at and we will make sure it all works.
(We can send you a special direct link if you can't get it to open.)


Things to know:
Upload ALL your music yourself if you want
You can upload all your teams as well as all your solos, duos, and trios music in your folder. Make it all in one folder if you like (or you can have individual solos/duos/trios upload their own online at

Keep your music in all year long!
Your songs will stay all year long and can be used at all America On Stage events. After Nationals, any songs still in your folder, will be deleted.

Can I bring music other ways?
You can still bring your music on iPads, CDs, or other devices. We offer this simply to allow you to have one less worry. We prefer a digital device over CDs ( they can skip, not read, etc)

Let us know if you have any questions at

America On Stage