America On Stage Judge Training


Thank you for judging! We are excited to have you as our judge. Hopefully, this page will help you with tips on being a good judge here at America On Stage!


Click on the score sheets below and follow along with the instructions below.
Print them off if necessary.

America On Stage DANCE Judges Sheets

New! Dance Teams, Solos, Duos, Trios

Dance Comment Sheet


Examples of marked Score Sheets

Dance Good | Dance Bad

America On Stage CLOGGING/POWER TAP Judges Sheets

New! Clogging Teams & Long Duets

Clogging Freestyle, Short Duets, A Cappella

Clogging Pro Team and Clog Duets



Examples of marked Score Sheets
Clogging Good | Clogging Bad
Clogging Pro Good |
Clogging Pro Bad


How to Judge at America On Stage

Mark your Initials and the Team number on each score sheet at the top right.

There are TWO sides to each score sheet - Technical Merit and Artistic Expression


Technical Merit

Here you score dancers on how their TECHNIQUE is.

Look at the definitions on the score sheet.

Terms are there for
-SPECIFIC Technique
-Difficulty of the Dancer's Technique
-Difficulty of the Routine's Technique
-Dancer's Execution of Technique
-Dancer's Interaction
-Specific thoughts on the Beginning, Middle or Ending

When dancers do something positive, put a + by the term
When dancers do something positive, put a CIRCLE by the term
        (or circle the term).
Leave comments to the right on what is marked

Artistic Expression

Here you score dancers on how their SHOWMANSHIP and PRESENTATION is.

Look at the definitions on the score sheet.

Terms are there for
-SPECIFIC Choreography. What did you think of the choreography.
-Dancer's Showmanship
-Dancer's Presentation
-Dancer's Appearance
-Dancer's Music

When dancers do something positive, put a + by the term
When dancers do something positive, put a CIRCLE by the term
        (or circle the term).
Leave comments to the right on what is marked


How many comments to leave?

We encourage you to have TWICE as many positive marks as negative.  A dancer always wants to know what to work on, but with positive feedback, dancers often are encourage to improve.

How to mark?
Score Sheet is designed so you can mark and comment quickly and efficiently.
Add Plus and Circle marks by Terms and them comment on them quickly.

How to score?
Once dance is complete, score them at the bottom.
Score Technique

If they are a 1st place level, circle the "4-1st Place"
If a 2nd place level, circle the "3-2nd Place"
If a 3rd place level, circle the "2-3rd place"
If a 4th place level, circle the "1-4th place"

If they are perfect, circle the "5-Perfect"

Most dances score the 1st, 2nd or 3rd place scores.
Amazing dances score Perfect (5-Perfect)
Dances that are really below the scoring level score the 4th place (1-4th Place).
We don't use the 5th place (0-5th Place) score on the score sheet.

Score Artistic
Score as above

Then add a Judges Bonus. This is at the lower right. Score the dance on your overall impression of how much of a bonus they should receive - 0 up to 9.

If you score a dance with TWO PERFECT SCORES, you don't need to give a judges bonus.


What not to do

1. Don't score a dance with All positive marks, no circles and then score them without a PERFECT score. If they don't have a perfect score, make sure to have something to work on.
2. Don't score many negatives and then give a perfect score.
3. Don't have a score sheet with just a few marks. Give as much feedback as possible.
4. Don't score novice and beginning teams lower because they are in a lower level. Score each team according to their level. It's ok to give a novice team a perfect score if they are perfect on a novice level.



Judges Etiquette
Please donít go talk with competitors!
It gives the appearance of judges favoring certain studios.
Please wait until the event is over to say hi to any familiar dancers.

 Smile when you judge.
Everyone likes to think the judge is happy with them.
And it builds confidence in them too.

Please donít visit with other judges and stay focused on dancers.
Talking with each other makes others think you are conferring what to give them. Dancers can be quite nervous and jump to quick conclusions!

Your Opinion
Score your own score, donít worry if you are judging the same as another judge.
We want your opinion!

Adhere to the quick schedule
Each AOS even is assigned with times for each dance.
Be ready to score dancers during their dance and time allotted after the dance.
This allows us to stay on schedule


How to Score on the Score Sheet
New Score Sheets format!
See the score sheets above on the links.
Be familiar with the areas for each score sheet.

1. By each term, if it's POSITIVE, mark it with a "+"

2. By each term, if it NEEDS IMPROVEMENT, mark it with a "O"

3. To the side of each term, you can leave COMMENTS on
What is done well and needs improvement

While everyone wants to know what to improve on,
please have twice as many positive comments as negative.
Hearing only negative comments drives confidence away.


Technical vs Artistic
Mark specific areas for specific comments  
Score TECHNICAL and ARTISTIC separately.
Dancers who excel in one area, mar it as such.


Score according to the level
 Itís alright to score a perfect novice dance if
they are perfect in the novice level.
You donít need to give all novice entries 4.8 because
they are not in a higher level.
Score according to the level.
A perfect Novice dance should score a 10

Multiple Awards Scoring

Score according to how they did against a score
In our lower levels, you judge a team against a score.


Pro Clog and
Advanced Dance Scoring

Highest Levels scores against the competitors in their age division
In our highest levels, you judge a team against each other.


Basic Guidelines
Give us your opinion of how they danced TODAY (not on reputation)
If they danced the best of all up there, but not as good as you have seen them, you still give them the best score because they were the best today. Or vice versa, if they were not the best today, but are the best overall up there, they are not given the best score.

Judge artistic expression and technical merit separately - not a generic score
If they know how to smile well, but canít stay on beat, maybe score them a 1st in artistic expression, but 3rd on technique. Donít loop the scores together and give two 2ndsÖ

 Score while you watch. We go fast.
Be ready! We have a schedule down to the minute.
Adding 15 seconds to each dance will put a competition over by an hour by days end. Once one entry is done, the next  is on stage. Score while you watch. The schedule assumes a short time after the dance to finish your score sheet. Thanks!

Once done, pass them to the judge runner.

It will be done by computer.

(don't fill up on POP!)
Sitting for a long time can make one quite uncomfortable when full on pop!

We no longer have numbers on teams, dance solos, duos, trios, or clogging long duets. There is a digital sign that has the number on it for you to write it down.




  Additional Clogging Score Sheets and instructions


BLUE Freestyle, A Cappella, Short Duets, A Cappella Duets,  All-Around Solos SCORE SHEETS

Clogging Freestyle, Short Duets, A Cappella Score Sheet. Click here to see it.

Score the score sheets by writing the number of the dancer and then circle either a 1, 2, or 3

1st place (Circle 1), 2nd Place (Circle 2) or 3rd Place (Circle 3).
 In Pro, if you give a 1st , score with a decimal  1.1, 1.2, thru 1.9. (1.0 is the best score)



Use the Gold/Yellow Score Sheets
Clogging Pro Team and Clog Duets. Score Sheet. Click Here to see it.
Examples of marked Score Sheets
Clogging Pro Good |
Clogging Pro Bad


           There is also a CATEGORY SPECIFIC AREA to mark based on the dance you are scoring at the top.

         There are then THREE AREAS - Technical, Artistic and Sound. Each of these has 2 sub categories (6 total).

           You will give 7 Scores (One for the category specific and one for each sub category)


         You MUST score all seven categories as a 1.4 or 1.3.
         Don't score lower than this unless the team is really lower than a pro team.

          Each of the three areas also has a BONUS. Score at least ONE BONUS for what a team excels in.
       You can give all three bonus if you want.

         A perfect score is all 1.4ís and 3 difficulty bonuses.



Each team is judges according to all general rules for all team dances below category specifics on the score sheet.

Technical Ė How in sync they are with arms, lines, mistakes, spacing, formations

Artistic Ė How well choreographed the dance is including creativity, movement, music, showmanship, energy, appearance

Sound Ė How well sound is used in the dance. Clarity, strength, a special place to mark how well double doubles are done, endurance and how unique the steps are.


Using all these three areas, judge the dance.



If a team excels, give them a difficulty bonus. A good pro team should have at least one difficulty bonus. Please use them as we use these bonuses to break ties.




Each team/duet category has something specific to be judges. Use these boxes at the top to judge the specific items in each category.



         Watch for Couple work. Turns, partners. This is not a line dance. Should have traditional costumes and music (words and pants are OK). 

         Watch for Circle. Should involve both small and large circle figures.


         All done in lines. No touching, holding hands or circles.

         Watch for straight lines, ripples (progessions), and movement.

Standing Line

A Cappella Production

    2 judges will listen, three judges will score. (In Champ, one judge will listen and two will watch). For those that listen, you will use an A Cappella score sheet and mark your comments on how the sounds work in the dance. Score it out of 10. For those watching, score it with a normal score sheet and score it like a normal dance including chorepgraphy, sounds, style, etc and score it as a normal dance. There just isnít any music.

A Cappella

    5 judges will listen only. Top Score is 10 (not 1.0 like in the past)

Traditional Line


Open, Small, All Guys



PENALTY (Head) Judges sheet Ė appoint by stage Ė only fill out if have an infraction