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Registration Changes Tutorial
Making Changes is easy!

Step 1 - Go to the Registration Changes Page. 
Step 2 - Enter your password. 
Step 3 - Change Division information or delete unwanted registrations. 
Step 4 - Click Submit. 


Here's the Detailed Instructions

Step 1 - Go to the Registration Changes Page

  1. From the Home page (www.americaonstage.org) click on Online Registration.

  2. Click on the "Registration Changes" Button at the bottom on the list in "Step 2" -

  3. This will bring up the Registration Changes page similar to what is seen at right


Step 2 - Enter your password to see all your registration

  1. Enter your password.

     All your registration you have entered will come up.

  2. It is listed alphabetically and all the entries show name, division, and events registered for.

  3. Changing information will change it for ALL events registered with this entry.
       Be careful. If you change anything, ALL events will be registered with that change.

Step 3 - Change Division information or delete unwanted registrations.

Registration Changes

  1. Click on the entry BLUE NUMBER you want to Change. the registration come up with the chosen information at the bottom

  2. Change the division information to what is correct

  3. Click Update to update changes

  4. Click Refresh at the top of page to see all changes

Registration Deletions

  1. Click on the blue word delete next to the entry you want to delete and click submit.

  2. A confirmation will ask you if you are sure you want to delete

  3. Click Delete to delete the entry. This will delete the entry from ALL events.

Step 4 - Click Update!!!

Don't forget to Click on Update so your changes are complete.

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