America On Stage is proud to present our newest support program for participating studios
Studio Development Grants
Get PAID when you compete at America On Stage!

In 2022, over $21,000 was given out in Studio Development Grants to
participating studios in America On Stage Competitions.

Due to the generosity of some charitable corporate sponsors, America On Stage is proud to announce the STUDIO DEVELOPMENT GRANT PROGRAM available to qualifying performing arts studios.
It is the hope at America On Stage that our modest introduction of STUDIO GRANTS can expand considerably in the future. We hope you are as excited as us in this new opportunity.

What are Studio Grants?
Studio grants are cash grants given as credit certificates given to qualifying directors of performing arts studios that participate in America On Stage events. Directors can use these certificates as credit towards the next events registration and keep the remaining balance of registration to be used at the director's discretion for studio improvement. Size of STUDIO GRANTS can be as much as 10% of all studio registration fees (competition fees for teams, duets, individuals, etc). All qualifying directors are eligible to receive up to 10% of their total studio registration received before the pre-registration deadline in a studio grant.
Who receives them?
Studio Grants are given to the studio director in the form of a registration credit certificate when requirements below are completed..
What are the requirements to receive a Studio Grant?
Director’s Studio Grants will be awarded at the sole discretion of the grant committee including the competition promoters and directors.  Generally, grants will be given according to the following guidelines:

 1. All registration fees must be paid in ONE cashiers check, certified check, money order or credit card before the pre-registration deadline (except fees submitted on individual registration forms), on or before the pre-registration deadline  (usually 3 weeks prior to the event).  Personal checks are not eligible for Studio Development Grants. To meet the pre-registration deadline, the payment must be mailed and postmarked on or before the deadline. Any late postmark may result in part or none of the studio grant to be issued. SEND REGISTRATION EARLY!

 2. Registration fees must clear the bank.  A studio's check that comes back with "insufficient funds" or is unable to clear the bank, will be cause for forfeiture of a studio grant (and immediate repayment if already received). The director will be notified of the "bounced" check and arrangements will be made for payment.

 3. Except for unusual, rare circumstances, registration changes are made before the competition.  Unusual, rare circumstances include unforeseen, last minute changes and emergencies only. The America On Stage staff desires each director insure that their studio is registered correctly so as to avoid costly time corrections at the competition. Each studio will receive in the mail a list of confirmed registrations.  We require directors to review and correct any errors by the registration correction deadline listed on the confirmation or on the website at

4. Any Studio owing money as of the day of the event will not be eligible for Studio Grants

5. Studio Grants can be awarded once a studio's registration is over $300 in total fees.

6.  Other requirements may be considered by the grant committee.


How do I Redeem the above Studio Development Grant Registration Credit above for money?
1. After attending an America On Stage Event, those that qualify are sent a Studio Development Grant Registration Credit.
2. At the next America On Stage event, collect your registration and send in the above credit along with the balance of registration due and keep the remaining registration money you collected for your Studio Grant! YOU MUST SEND IN THE CREDIT CERTIFICATE TO REDEEM YOUR GRANT!
How do I apply for a Studio Grant?
Accompanying registration and information forms for qualifying America On Stage events will be a STUDIO GRANT APPLICATION. Participating directors will complete the simple application and mail it in with their registration. Those that register online and pay online are automatically registered for studio grants.
Do the Grants ever expire and can we combine them?
This Studio Development Grant Registration Credits do expire one year after issue. All certificates have a date printed and are valid for one year from that date. They can be used throughout the year at all America On Stage events, and can be combined with other Studio Development Grant Registration Credits at the same event.
Why not send personal checks to directors instead of credit certificates?
In an effort to protect our Studio Grant program from identity theft and fraud, we are implementing certificates that we can track and control instead of giving out information that can be used fraudulently.
What are Studio Grants to be used for?
 1. The financial grant is given exclusively to the director who has signed this application.

 2. Studio Grants are to be used for the improvement of a studio or arts program.  Such use would include teacher and director professional development including transportation, lodging, food, and fees (workshops, training, classes, subscriptions, memberships, videos, etc.), studio enhancements (floors, sound equipment, etc.), music library improvement and other general studio or program improvements.

 3. Grant money is issued to the director and cannot be distributed to any other party but must be used for the express purpose of improving and enhancing the studio or arts program at the sole discretion of the director.

Directors understand that they will be considered for the grant immediately following the competition and will be notified by mail within 15 days of my application status if accepted. If a director’s studio grant is awarded, a credit will be issued in my name and my using the credit will be considered my acceptance of any and all conditions. Any questions, please E-mail the America On Stage Studio Grant Staff at or visit



Any questions should be directed to America On Stage at or at (801) 224-8334.
We are excited about our program and hope we can help support your efforts as you continue building an even bigger and better program. IT IS OUR ONLY GOAL. Thank you for your support and encouragement and we look forward to serving you in the future.

America On Stage Studio Development Grant Committee