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What are Director's of the year?
Each studio's SUPERStar points are added all year long together!
At Nationals, the 15 studios with the most SUPERStar points are crowned Directors of the Year.

2020 Directors of the Year Final Standings
The TOP TWO Directors will be called DOUBLE PLATINUM Directors of the Year
The next 8 Directors will be called PLATINUM Directors of the Year
The next top 5 Directors will be called GOLD Directors of the Year

Dance Directors of the Year! Clogging/ Power Tap Directors of the Year!
Double Platinum
Cassi Cook
Colleen Bills



Brianne Bennett
Brook Jensen
Susan Crowther
Echo Waldron
Anne Weichers
Robbie Walker
Krista Briggs
Jackie Frazier
Adrian Goto
Jared Lopez
Amanda Wherry
Kimberly Nelson
Ashley Ames
Double Platinum
LaChere Vawdrey
Bethany Hulse


Kandice Anderson & Cambria Gibson
Maria Tucker
Adison & Hailey Hillstead
Tara Osborn
Brandi Gollinger
Kasandra Parker
Vickie Neilson &
Ashley Fewkes
Robbie Walker

Sarah and Reed Rivkind
Ashley Rasmussen
Veva Ahlstrom
Leah and Dan Coffman
McKenna Flores

Last competition updated:
Showcase Spectacular & Open Clogging Dance Championships 2021

2021 Directors of the Year FINAL Standings
The TOP TWO Directors will be called DOUBLE PLATINUM Directors of the Year
The next 8 Directors will be called PLATINUM Directors of the Year
The next top 5 Directors will be called GOLD Directors of the Year


Points Studio Director
55470 Step In Time Dance Kimberly Nelson
31575 Dancerz Edge Brittany Stott
29405 Dance Force dance studio Brook Jensen
27615 American Expression of Dance Anne Weichers
19015 N-Step Dance Academy, Inc. Shanna Cook
18425 All About Dance Studio Amanda Wherry
14350 Hot Shots Dance Studio Colleen Bills
13060 N & B Dance Factory Natalie Porter & Bella C
12255 Diva Dance Company Wendy Schild
10980 The Point Dance Studio Jeanine Nielson
10335 Today's Generation Peggy Earl & Lori Baker
9925 Sunshine Dance Cedar Lindsey Camp/Jamie Church
9890 Encore Dance Studio Julia Tatton
9260 Straight Up Dance Academy Chansey Eames
8875 TGG Dance Studio LLC Jared Lopez
8665 Studio 17 Courtney Blaser
8590 Nielsens School of Dance Kim & Pam Nielsen
8485 Ultimate Dance Etc. Hillary Howard/ Misty Anderson
8385 Razz & Rhythm Dance Academy Missy Maughan
7995 Dansation Brianne Bennett
7830 Spartan Dance Force (Minico High School) Sandee Nelson
7745 Lake Dance Steps Raquel Lake
7695 Steps PAC Susan L Crowther
7340 Dance Unlimited Rigby Krista Briggs
6900 R & R Company Jackie Frazier
6825 Intensity Dance Team Karissa Molen
6725 Esteem dance Chauntel, Karesa, Melody, Shanalee
6630 Impact Dance Center Adrian Goto
5980 Julie's Jazzworks Dance Studio Julie Wright-Leggett
5715 Altitude Dance Becca Ammons
5450 Fierce Dance Studio Trisha Cuvelier
5440 TGA Triple Step Dance Jessica Mohler
5245 Legacy Dance Company Ciera Hensley & Amanda Heine
5230 T & T Dance Tawna & Taura Marriott
5110 MCD Dance Academy Marnie Shook
4940 Dynamics Studios Kimberly Hobbs
4855 Color Country Cloggers/Sunshine Dance Parowan Heather Mineer
4745 Center Stage Performing Arts Kim DelGrosso
4720 Express Yourself Dance Jennifer Feltner
4080 The Ridge Academy of Dance Shauntell Bird
3850 Lime-Light Dance Studio Natasha Baker
3110 Dance Allegro Academy Jessica Seymour
2795 Idaho Rhythm Dance Co. Robbie Walker
2605 Nebo Dance Academy Nikkii Sperry
2450 Backstage Dance & Tumbling, LLC Amy Bertram
2420 Atomic Dance Studio Shawnee Higham
2375 Dance Arts Academy Emily Goethel
2370 The Spot Dance Studio Andrea Williams-Rhodes
2360 Synergy Brittney Holman
2255 Dance Central Sara Bingham
2240 Xtreme Heidi Monfredi, Hannah Cox, Makaisha Gillins
2220 Ignite Performing Company Katelyn Elison & Jessica Lavigne
2195 Mountain Crest Dance Alliance Quin Miley
2080 The Rhythm Dance Academy Trinity Vincent
2070 Ground Control Studio Adison Hillstead & Hailey Hillstead
2000 Today's Generation Dance Tri-Cities Danielle Andre and Lori Baker
1980 STARS! Katrina Wyckoff and Caddie Welling
1910 Dance Fusion Michelle Summers
1890 Grace Dance Academy Nikki Heidemann
1835 Seasons Dance Company Aissa Mitton
1835 Backstage Dance Center Anne Sakolsky-Basquill
1835 TDS - The Danz Studio TeriLee Hammond
1725 5678 Dance Company Deonna Wells
1710 Dancer's Edge Rexburg Kelsie Carter
1480 Star Valley Dance Amanda Culpepper
1450 Canyon Dance Academy Andrea Worwood
1450 Premier Dance Center Misty Frisbey
1445 Step-N-Time "Creative Motion" Trina Mittelstadt
1435 Linda Fenton Dance Studio Brittani Bailey
1365 American Falls Studio Ashley Ames
1325 Stomp it Out Cloggers McKenna Flores
1275 TDC Athletics Sara Scott
1270 Starshine Studios, LLC Shannon Wilson
1260 Tiny Diva's Dance Academy Kim York
1220 Methods of Movement Susan English & Mindy Rooney
1190 Sorella Dance Company Niqole Riding and Tiffany Patten
1130 Divine Dance Studio Samantha Daniels
1065 Dynamite Cheer Kellie Buchanan
975 Synergy Dance Academy Meghan Honey- S.Mortensen
955 The Dance Club Sheryl Dowling
950 Salto Tumbling, Cheer & Dance Kate Spencer
940 Dance Company Jennifer Hill
915 The Dance Academy Jill Trane
905 Wyldfire Dance Studio April Craig
885 LaShars Dance Studio Jennifer Dean
835 Dazzling Stars Performance Cheer Diane Windley & Shelli Welch
765 Inspire Dance Academy Natalie McQuiston
755 New Plymouth High School Sandra Rouse
660 Extreme tumbling Amber kendall
630 C" Us Dance Chris Martin
575 Instep Dance studio Tasha Jackson Timberlee Wood
575 Pirates Cheer Megan Stephens & McKenzie Neese
540 Center Stage Dance Academy Deidre Jenkins
540 Dance Extreme 2.0 Alicia Cavazos
510 None
455 No Sweat Dance Co. Vicki Wartman
450 Piute High School Dance Company Carol Springer
405 Dance Unlimited Christina Shell & Tamra Nefzger
380 Regal Dance Company Dollie Boyer
365 Move Dance Studio Cherese Emery
305 Performing Dance Center Jacquelyn Potts
300 Red Rock Dance and Performing Arts Jenna Corry
280 Inspired Dance Rachel Price
250 Morgan Academy of Dance Kalie Wessman
205 Aspire Dance Academy Melissa Ercanbrack
205 Dance Impressions Mallorie Johns
200 Studio 56 Dance Center Amy Moore
170 Front & Center Dance Academy Alexis Levie
160 Elite Academy NaCole Brown
155 Heart N Soul Dance Studio Diane Rosenbaum
145 Center Stage Performing Arts Cassie Ford
145 Utah Dance Artists Brooke Healy
140 Accolades Movement Project Marci Vernon
130 Poise Dance Center Brook Cain & Brittney Dahlman
125 Elevated Dance Project Melissa Larson & Kim Machado
125 Bliss - Life Cehtre Athletics Attn Bliss Cassi Cook
120 Fort Hall Dance Crew Mia Murillo
115 Spot On Dance Studio Jazlyn Hyder
100 Groove The Academy Allie Short
90 Artistic Dance Project Mady Beighley and Janalyn Memmott
90 Independent
80 Independent Brittany Bouchard
70 Expressions Dance Amy Simkins
60 Empowered Dance Misty Peterson
55 Wasatch Dance Center Ciara Steele
55 Utah Copa/ Center Stage Karen Oldham
50 Utah Dance Artists Cicily Oldham
50 United Dance Center Megan Hansen
50 Rocky Mountain Express Maria Tucker
50 Just Dance Brittany Ann Dyches
50 Aspire Tewa Wride
50 Elite Academy Studio Arial Larsen
45 The Dance Centre Charity Duersch
30 Independent Amber Hampshire
30 Independent Chelsi Davis
30 Devotion Dance Academy Diana Anderson
30 Rhythm Nation Tap Company Wendy Isaacson
25 Elite Dance studio Lesley Smith
25 Elite Academy Lexi Stewart
25 Drage Performing Arts Jessica Drage
25 Project Move Melanie Walker and Kayla Bagshaw
25 Danceology Tracy Curvelo
25 jazz n place dance studio Chelsey Befus
25 HIP dance company Mindy Petersen
25 Rhythm & Soul Dance Studio Beth ith
15 JaNelle Roberts JaNelle Roberts
Clogging/Power Tap
Points Studio Director
116455 Rocky Mountain Express Maria Tucker
108645 K & C's Fab 5 Studio Kandice Anderson & C. Gib
93660 LaChere's Fab 5 Studio LaChere Vawdrey
88615 Extreme Rhythm Bethany Hulse
59105 Foothill Cloggers Tara Osborn
47525 Starz Unlimited Brandi Gollinger
37555 Ground Control Studio Adison Hillstead & Hailey Hillstead
36125 J4C Rhythm and Sole Clogging Sarah and Reed Rivkind
23365 Color Country Cloggers/Sunshine Dance Parowan Heather Mineer
23045 In Step Clogging Kasandra Parker
22485 Stomp it Out Cloggers McKenna Flores
17995 NRG Vickie Neilson
17805 Idaho Rhythm Dance Co. Robbie Walker
16445 NextStep Amber Henrie
13815 Pulse Force Clogging Nicale Yarbrough
10095 Project Dance Lisa Timothy
9855 Idaho Xpress Shaundalee/Melissa Morgan
9645 Veva's Fab 5 Studio Veva Ahlstrom
8170 Razz & Rhythm Dance Academy Missy Maughan
7825 Dancerz Edge Brittany Stott
7125 Just 4 Clicks (and Moore!) Jamie and Ryan Moore
6220 All American Cloggers Megan Nelson
5620 TDC Athletics Sara Scott
5250 Gem Cloggers Leah & Dan Coffman
4730 DoubleTap Dance Company Krista Hasler
4440 Morgan Academy of Dance Yvonne Kennison
4275 Midtown Cloggers Dance Studio Dixie Christopherson
4120 All About Dance Chandra McCain-Finch
3520 Eagle Creek Cloggers Karen Baxter
3405 Rhythm-N-Motion Cami Olson
2065 Step Up Cloggers Jamie Lynn Merrell
1450 Fuzion Dance Studio Marcel Parkinson
1095 Click-N-Time Cloggers Autumn Coats
1005 Dance Factory Kristie L. Roche
980 Empower Clogging Studio Shelby Kicenski
780 Silver Creek Clogging Ruth Skouson Mattox
775 Elite Dance studio Lesley Smith
770 Dance Amour Michelle Bahr
610 Evanston Dance Academy Jamie Liechty
585 Backstage Dance & Tumbling, LLC Amy Bertram
500 N & B Dance Factory Natalie Porter & Bella C
495 Today's Generation Dance Tri-Cities Danielle Andre and Lori Baker
400 Muddy River Cloggers Corinne Messer
360 Bishop Brindie A. Bishop
340 Brindie Bishop Brindie A. Bishop
245 Intensity Cassidy Baird
80 None
55 Rapid Fire Cloggers Ashley Rasmussen


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