Welcome to the America On Stage Online Registration Tutorial
We redesigned the entire registration process to make is easier for directors to register and  re-register dancers. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4.

Step 1 - Register your studio and director. 
Step 2 - Register your dancers. 
Step 3 - Order Medallions and Passes. 
Step 4 - Payment. 

Start at the Online Registration Master Page (You get there by clicking on the Online Registration button at www.americaonstage.org)

Step 1 - Register your studio and director.       

Online Registration Master Page

1.Click on the "Register Director/Studio" button.       
    This leads you to a form to fill out. This allows us to send you event booklets, updates and
        news on all the latest in America On Stage.
        Remember the PASSWORD as you will use it later for all registration changes.
        You won't need to register your studio again.
        After registering your Studio, start at "Step 2 - Register".
To make any changes to your Studio, click  



Step 2 - Register your dancers    

1. Select a category to register (Individuals, Duets, Teams, etc.)

Fill out the form
   1. Choose your name (director's name) from the drop down menu
        If you just registered and can't find your name, look at the bottom of the list.
        It can take a few days for the computer to re-sort the names

   2. Fill out the dancer's information including their name, and all division information
       You can enter their Instructor (and create in instructor program) or leave it blank.

   3. Select the Event's menu and Click "Register"

       Find the event you are attending.
       Click on the menu next to the event you are attending - Autumnfest

       Select "Register" - Autumnfest

       This registers you for this event.

       You MUST select register for one of the events to be registered for it!

   4. Click "SUBMIT" button.
       Click JUST ONCE on it. the page will refresh. Clicking twice registers name twice.

   5. Register the next dancer when the page refreshes.

   6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and Click on What you would like to do next.
        - When done registering dancers, go to Ordering Medallions & Payment
        - Select another registration form
        - Make any registration changes    (See tutorial on Reg Changes)
        - Re-Register any dancers                (See tutorial on Re-Registering)
        - See a summary of your registration  
When done registering dancers, click on link at the bottom of the page to go to
Step 3 -
Ordering Medallions & Payment


Step 3 - Order Medallions

1. Click on link to the Order Medallions or at bottom of page.

    Medallion page will come up.


2. Enter the number of dancers you have attending in the space provided.

3. If you need to order passes for Lagoon (Nationals), enter them in the form

4. Scroll to the bottom and click button to submit number of medallions



Step 4 - Payment 

1.Click on the "Registration Payment" button.       

Payment Page will come up

The Top section of the page can tell you your total registration total for each event.
   Click on your name and the "See Reg. Totals" and it will show you how much you are registered for.






2. Enter the Registration Form Information


a. Select the event
b. Select director
c. If the payment is not for an entire studio's fees. enter the name of the dancer who this payment is for.
d. Enter the Amount to pay

3. Scroll to the bottom and enter your payment information

After entering the information, click Proceed to Secure server

After clicking the button, you will be taken through a few security measures to ensure a secure transaction.
You will be prompted to enter your Credit Card information. This page is secure and is safe to enter your credit card information.

Once done, you will receive an E-mail (at the one you entered above) with a confirmation.

That's is! Easy as 1, 2, 3, 4.


Now to see how Online Registration makes is
SO EASY to RE-REGISTER your dancers, click here!

Don't enter all their information again, just Re-register!

You can also see a tutorial on our new way of making
click here!