2012 Directors of the Year!

Congratulations to the top 10 Dance and Clogging Directors of the Year.
These 10 Directors won the most SUPERStar points in their studio in 2012.
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Dance Clogging
Anne Weichers
Billie Jo Butikofer
Diane Allred
Jana Shaw
Lesley Smith
Misty Anderson
Natalie Porter
Pam Snyder
Shanna Maxwell
Susan Crowther
Susie Dye
Taunia Wheeler
Andrea Dawes
Ashley Fewkes
Bethany Hulse
Brandi Gollinger
Cambria Gibson
Kandice Anderson
LaChere Vawdrey
Lindsey Greenwood
Maria Tucker
Shauna Blake
Tara Osborn
Vickie Neilson