The Magic of a Win!
Here at America On Stage we believe it is important to reward all dancers for their hard work. Our awards system reflects this ideal with awards ranging from the newest dancer on stage to the seasoned veteran winning a National Championship.
The excitement that comes from winning, builds confidence, desire, and propels dancers to even greater heights.
As dancer progress from the novice levels, competition becomes more intense. Judges look at technique, critique showmanship, and watch dance style. Points are awarded and those scoring high enough are awarded 1st place.
Once a dancer reaches the height of competition, they compete in the Professional "Pro" categories. Here competition becomes most fierce as dancers compete for one 1st, one 2nd, and one 3rd.
We believe as we award dancers for their hard work, they will continue to progress, grow, and develop their talents.
Not all dancers are created alike, and not all dances competed are alike either. We try and award all those that make the effort to be the best they can be and when ready to compete at the top, award National Champions.

What does America On Stage have that is so great?
We'll make you feel special. And we have so much fun!


America On Stage awards are the BEST!
All in the lower levels receive an award for EACH event they compete. Each dancer receives either a 1st place HIGH GOLD, 1st, 2nd or 3rd place. Age division results honor your dancer's hard work and we build them up to continue shining and loving dance. In our highest level, we compete against each other and award just the highest score as the only 1st place. We have Overalls in each level, as well as SUPERStars, Master Soloists and more. You'll be awarded so much in America On Stage. You're dancers and you will love it.  See more here.

Studio grants are so amazing! And so beneficial to you!
Up to 10% of your registration is returned to you in a special grant. Ex. If your registration is $10,000, you receive up to $1,000 to you. Use it as you feel best benefits you and your studio. Certain Criteria required, and you are going to love how this program benefits you and your dancers! See more here.

Our Programs are amazing for you. We have it planned down to the minute. Know when you dance exactly in the day. Come, dance, and get your results immediately so you don't have to spend all day there. You can plan an amazing day with us and know when you dance. You're going to love our program.

Every dancer gets an award for EVERY event competed. All dancers receive a competition medallion. Each event you compete in, you will receive a pin to place on your medal. Dance Queens also receive additional awards including trophies, tiaras and sashes. All Team members also receive a pin for each team entry they compete too! See more here.

We know fees can get expensive and we have some of the lowest fees around! Maximize your money and compete with us and don't worry about breaking the bank. Events start at just $19/person. Register early and pay the lowest fees. We take care of you!

You're going to love a program that has all YOUR times! Click on Dancer's personal program on each competition page and then select your name. See just your times! You can also sort the program be each studio. Select Director's personal program and you can see just your studio times. It's that awesome.

We get your dancers on stage, results tallied and then announced right away! No need to wait until the end of the day and wait through hours long awards sessions, rather, you can get your awards right after you compete. It takes us just about 30 minutes and you can see your awards, get them at the awards table and continue on your awesome day. No long waiting! Awards ceremonies are available as well at times in the day. We do all we can to help you have a great day in our busy lives.

EACH level has overalls! Overall teams and Overall Studios are awarded in each level at our awards ceremonies. We award the top 5 teams and the top 3 studios with the most wins. You compete only with those in your level and you get to compete for overall awards. Invite your dancers to stay for our awards and see where each team stands in each level. It's so much fun! See more here.

Register online and save so much time. You can get your dancer's registered, make changes, see programs, pay your fees and all you need online. No need to register through the stress of many people, you can do it all yourself and get it all taken care of easy and quickly.

We have an great app to assist you when you compete with us. You can get all your results, your personal programs, Online Registration, Superstar rankings, and more on the America On Stage app. It makes competition that much better!

You're paid your registration fees and are all ready to go. At most of our events (except Nationals where you are entering an amusement park), our events are free! No admission. Bring everyone to watch. We know it gets expensive to pay fees, parking, food and then add on admission. Come and enjoy our events without worrying about having to pay to get in. It's that great.

Once you've competed at America On Stage, we keep your registration information and you can simply click on Re-Register and instead of entering each dancer's information again, you just click on their name and which event they want to compete again. All their information updates there. No entering everything again!

Come experience a competition like no other! It's the WORLD'S LARGEST dance, clogging and singing competition. Over 8.000 competitors compete over three weekends on 5 stages for National awards. And when you're done competing, you can go play at one of the premiere Amusements parks in the world. From one of the highest rated roller coasters in the World - "Cannibal" to the high flying "Sky Coaster", Lagoon offers so much to everyone. And we design our program to maximize your time competing with lots of time to play. Compete, Play...It doesn't get better.

At Nationals, we offer special awards called the All-Americans! The top winners in each category of our highest level are awarded as All-Americans. Winners are given a special All-American jacket and lots of attention on stage! Jackets are give free and we'll make you feel so special. See our All-Americans here.

The Best of the Best! At Nationals in the top level, we award the Highest winner as our MVP National Champions! The highest honor we award and our MVPs are the best. Think you have what it takes to be the best, compete with us and show off all you do against the rest.
 See our National Champions here.

Each time you compete, you win SUPERStar points. These points are added up all day and we award our daily SUPERStars at the competition. We add up all your points ALL YEAR LONG and award those with the MOST POINTS as our Yearly National SUPERStars. It's so fun to see how your points add up all year long compared to everyone else!
 See our SUPERStars here.

SUPERStar points in your studio are added up all year long and the top 15 in America On Stage are called our Directors of the Year. The top two are awarded the distinction of DOUBLE PLATINUM Directors of the year. The next eight are awarded PLATINUM Directors of the Year and the next 5 are awarded GOLD Directors of the year. Check out how high your studio's points rank you.
 See our Director of the Year rankings here.

Experience makes events run smoothly. We've been doing this for over 40 years and do all we can to make your experience as amazing as possible. From schedules posted early to results coming out quickly, we know what makes work so well with our busy and excited lives. Well planned out events, efficient competition, and detailed programs help us to run our events in a way to make your competition time awesome.

We strive to compete as the best and most amazing facilities. From Thanksgiving Point's Premiere Show Theater to the beautiful stages in St. George to the fun National outdoor stages at Lagoon Amusement Park, we offer lots of space to practice, prep, and dance to the best you can. So many amazing features help you compete and have a great experience!

Bringing competition close to you! We have events in so many amazing places. Not just in the large cities, but we offer events close to you so you can compete and bring your entire family and friends. We plan our events so you have all competition close to you and don't need to travel hours and hours to compete each weekend. It's so much fun to compete in your backyard!

Dancers love to compete against those in a level that are close to theirs. We offer many levels that allow our novice dancers to compete against other novice dancers. Our Professional dancers compete against other professionals. No worry about a beginning dancer having to compete against an advanced dancer. Compete in the level you fit best and enjoy the competition against other fellow competitors.

We offer two different styles of competition groupings for competing.
Our highest levels all compete against each other and are scheduled against each other in normal competition times. Our lower levels have the option of competing in Combined Studio Sectionals where your lower levels compete together in more compressed times so they don't need to compete all day long. We get your lower levels in and out to maximize their experience too!

Competition can be exhausting and we do all we can to help. Some facilities allow us to bring in food, most no longer do, so we offer a Directors Lounge where we can with food or Director's packets with snacks to help you with your day. Our goal is to help you feel as good as possible and have a great time!
We got your back!

Come experience the joy of competing at America On Stage and you'll find even more fun at our events.
Competitions like no other. It's that awesome! And we can't wait to see you on our amazing stages.

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