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Kick Off Classic Thanksgiving Point
February 20-22, 2020 & February 28-29, 2020

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Dance February 20-22, 2020

Dance February 20-22, 2020


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Overall Advanced Dance Solo Winners
1st - Charlotte Krippner
2nd - Gabby Scarpino
3rd - Sophia Keller

Advanced Overall Team Category winners
Contemporary -  Company - Hot Shots
Hip Hop - Company - Hot Shots
Jazz - Elite Company - Hot Shots
Open - Company - Hot Shots
Lyrical - Sr Company - Hot Shots

Judge's Choice
Advanced - Sr. Company - Hot Shots
Intermediate - Jr Elite - Hot Shots
Beginning - Bloom Company - Hot Shots
Novice - Falling Star - Mini A

Overall Advanced Dance Team Winners
Teen Company Colleen Bills
Sr Company Colleen Bills
Elite Company Colleen Bills
Company Colleen Bills
Excel Susan Crowther
Swag Attack Susan Crowther

Overall Intermediate Dance Team Winners
Senior Elite Brianne Bennett
Elites Brianne Bennett
Teen Elite Colleen Bills
Jr Elite Colleen Bills
Elite Colleen Bills
Jr Elite Susan Crowther

Overall Beginning Dance Team Winners
Heart Company Anne Weichers
Bloom Company Anne Weichers
Pure Company Anne Weichers
Hip Hop Krew Brianne Bennett
Jr Prep Company Cassi Cook
Swag Crew Cassi Cook
Jr / Mini Elite Colleen Bills
Petite Elite Colleen Bills
IDT Senior Team II Karissa Molen
Ovation Boys Susan Crowther

Overall Novice Dance Team Winners
Junior Prep Anne Weichers
Petite Prep Anne Weichers
Tiny Elite Brianne Bennett
Falling Star- Mini A Dawn Naylor
Mini stars Susan Crowther
Mini motion Susan Crowther

Clogging February 28-29, 2020 -
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Clogging February 28-29, 2020 -
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Congratulations to our Overall Clogging Winners

Overall A Cappella Duet Jr -
1st - Kaitlyn Bryant & Presley Munns
2nd - Presley Munns & Tyann Wright
3rd - Presley & EvVah Fewkes

Overall A Cappella Duet Sr -
1st - Mallori Vawdrey & Sydney Coffman
2nd - Ashley Rasmussen & Skyler Kingsbury
3rd - Brooklyn Earl and Mikkel Rock
4th - Tayler Brown amd Tyler Daley
5th - Nicale Yarbrough and Heather Robison

Overall Duet Jr -
1st - EvVah Fewkes & Emily Holmberg
2nd - Presley & EvVah Fewkes
3rd - EvVah Fewkes & Maggie Borchert
4th - Presley Fewkes & Brynn Thomas
5th - Lacey & Tyann Wright

Overall Duet Sr -

1st - Ammanda Hall & Skyler Kingsbury
2nd - Avery Ellis & Hailey Shope
3rd - Shanna Anderson & Ashley Rasmussen
4th - Sabinra Allen & Brooke Hendrickson
5th - Alli Rich and Sienna Stevens

Overall Short Duet Jr -
1st - Alexis & Mallori Vawdrey
2nd - Maggie Borchert & Emily Holmberg
3rd - EvVah Fewkes & Peyton Henman

Overall Short Duet Sr -
1st - Brooklyn Archibald & Bethany Hulse
2nd - Jenna Osborn and Tyler Daley
3rd - Jennie Griener and Brooklyn Earl
4th - Ammanda Hall & Ashley Rasmussen
5th - Presley Munns & Sydney Coffman

Overall Freestyle Male Jr -
1st - Dalton Rivkind

Overall Freestyle Male Sr -
1st - Skyler Kingsbury
2nd - Gavin Moyes

Overall Freestyle Female Jr -
1st - Presley Fewkes
2nd - EvVah Fewkes
3rd - McKell Poll
4th - Maggie Borchert
5th- Olivia Bastian

Overall Freestyle Female Sr -
1st -Mallory Vawdrey
2nd - Hailey Shope
3rd - Sydney Coffman
4th - Avery Ellis
5th - Jenna Osborn

Overall Freestyle Female YA -
1st - Brooklyn Earl
2nd - Ashley Rasmussen
3rd - Kayla Dean
4th - Brindie Bishop
5th - Mikkel Rock

Overall A Cappella Jr -
1st - Tyann Wright
2nd - Presley Munns
3rd - Kaitlyn Bryant
4th - Ammanda Hall
5th - Dalton Rivkind
Overall A Cappella Sr -
1st - Bailey Tucker
2nd - Skyler Kingsbury
3rd - Jenna Osborn
4th - Sydney Coffman
5th - Tyler Daley


Overall Championship Freestyle
Male Jr
1st - Garrett Tucker

Male Sr
1st - Thomas Rex

Female Jr
1st - Kaitlyn Nryant
2nd - Sadie Rich
3rd - Jane Hulse
4th - Nikki Hansen
5th - Tyann Wright

Female Sr
1st  - Maddie Gibby
2nd -  Aubrey Wilkin
3rd -Kapree Clifford

Overall Advanced Freestyle
Male Jr
1st - Landon Call
 2nd - Grayson Tucker

Female Jr
1st - Alexis Vawdrey
2nd - Lavey Wright
3rd - Maya Hooper
4th - Peyton Henman
5th - Addison Lee

Female Sr
1st  - Marlee Risley

Overall Teams
Overall Novice Clog Team Winners
NextStep Stars Amber Henrie
NextStep Cuties Amber Henrie
Supernovas Lisa Timothy
Razz & Rhythm Minimites Missy Maughan
Foothill Flitter Tara Osborn

Judges Choice: Starz Unlimited Miniz

Overall Beginning Clog Team Winners
eR Excite Bethany Hulse
eR Empower Bethany Hulse
EDS Small Stars Lesley Smith
Foothill Flash Tara Osborn
Foothill Flawless Tara Osborn
Foothill Flawless Tara Osborn
NRG Pixiez Vickie Neilson

Judges Choice: Foothill Flawless

Overall Intermediate Clog Team Winners
Superstars Robbie Walker
eR Intensity Bethany Hulse
eR Infinity Bethany Hulse
Rocky Mtn. Rhythm Maria Tucker
NRG Littlez Vickie Neilson
NRG Qteez Vickie Neilson

Judges Choice: NRG QTeez, eR Infinity

Overall Advanced Clog Team Winners
NextStep Elite Amber Henrie
Rapid Fire Fusion Ashley Rasmussen
eR Express Bethany Hulse
Rocky Mtn. Fusion Maria Tucker
Foothill Force Tara Osborn
Foothill Flirts Tara Osborn
NRG Divaz Vickie Neilson

Judges Choice: Foothill Force

Overall Champ Clog Team Winners
Elite Rhythm Bethany Hulse
Starz Unlimited Alliance Brandi Gollinger
LaChere's Fab 5 Extreme LaChere Vawdrey & Emily Wright
Rocky Mtn. FX Maria Tucker
Rocky Mtn. Unlimited Maria Tucker
Foothill Fire Tara Osborn
NRG Fusion Vickie Neilson

Judges Choice: NRG Fusion

Overall Pro Clog Team Winners
Rapid Fire Velocity Ashley Rasmussen
Extreme Rhythm Bethany Hulse
Rocky Mtn. Sensations Maria Tucker

Judges Choice: Extreme Rhythm