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Kick Off Classic Thanksgiving Point
February 21-23, 2019 & March 2-3, 2019

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Dance February 21-23, 2019

Dance February 21-23, 2019


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Overall Advanced Dance Solo Winners
1st - Eva Arias
2nd - Gabby Scarpino
3rd - Mia Arias

Advanced Overall Team Category winners
Jr Company - Hot Shots
Elite Company - Hot Shots
Company - Hot Shots
Teen Company - Hot Shots


Overall Advanced Dance Team Winners
Jazz - Elite Company - Hot Shots
Lyrical - Elite Company - Hot Shots
Open Team - Company - Hot Shots
Hip Hop - Company HH 101 - Hot Shots
Contemporary - Elite Company - Hot Shot

Overall Intermediate Dance Team Winners
Truth Academy Anne Weichers
Spark Academy Anne Weichers
Jr Elite and Jr Company Colleen Bills
Jazz Co Jeana Harmon
Mini Stars Sheryl Dowling & Allison Thornton
Teen Elite Susan Crowther
Swag Attack Susan Crowther
Ovation Boys Crew Susan Crowther

Overall Beginning Dance Team Winners
Drive Company Anne Weichers
Bloom Company Anne Weichers
Heart Company Anne Weichers
Rise Company Anne Weichers
Dansation Brianne Bennett
Hip Hop Krew Elites Brianne Bennett
Mini Production Ciara Steele
Mini Elite Colleen Bills
Jazz Elite Jeana Harmon
Junior Motion Susan Crowther

Overall Novice Dance Team Winners
Pure Company Anne Weichers
Mini Prep Colleen Bills
Jazz Elite Prep Jeana Harmon
Intensity Dance Team Hip Hop Team Karissa Molen
Kaleidoscope Kim DelGrosso
Mini Stars Susan Crowther
Jr. Company Trinity Vincent

Clogging March 2-3, 2018 -
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Clogging March 2-3, 2018 -
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Congratulations to our Overall Clogging Winners

Overall A Cappella Duet Jr -
1st - Presley & EvVah Fewkes

Overall A Cappella Duet Sr -
1st - Jennie Griener & Karli Muir
3rd - Emily Park & Jen Garrard
2nd - Brindie Bishop and Nikelle Hale

Overall Duet Jr -
1st - EvVah Fewkes & Maggie Borchert
2nd - Presley Fewkes & Olivia Bastian
3rd - Presley & EvVah Fewkes

Overall Duet Sr -

1st - Jenna Osborn and Tyler Dayley
1st - Hayes Carter & Megan Scholer
2nd - Lexie Jex & Emily George
3rd - Jennie Griener and Mikkel Mason

Overall Short Duet Jr -

Overall Short Duet Sr -
2nd - Hailey Shope & Randi Wiese
1st - Brittany Dayton & Lexie Jex
3rd - Brooke Hendrickson & Karli Muir

Overall Freestyle Male Jr -
1st - Dalton Rivkind
2nd - Cael Erickson

Overall Freestyle Male Sr -
1st - David Lewis
2nd - Skyler Kingsbury
2nd - Matthew Peterson
4th - Gregg Crockett
5th - Nicholas Peterson

Overall Freestyle Female Jr -
1st - EvVah Fewkes
2nd - Presley Fewkes
3rd - Maggie Borchert
4th - Maren Lund
5th- Breelyn Tucker

Overall Freestyle Female Sr -
1st -Jenna Osborn
2nd - Hailey Shope
3rd - Jillian Jarvis
4th - Madison Myers
5th - Avery Ellis

Overall Freestyle Female YA -
1st - Brittnie Dayton
2nd - Taylor Tucker
3rd - McKenna Westbroek
4th - Amber Henrie
5th - Brindie Bishop

Overall A Cappella Jr -
1st - Ammanda Hall
2nd - Sienna Stevens
3rd - Emily Harrison
4th - Cael Erickson
5th - Madalyn Gale


Overall A Cappella Sr -
1st - Alli Rich
2nd - Jenna Osborn
3rd - Hailey Shope
- Madison Myers
- Brooklyn Earl

Overall A Cappella YA -
1st - Brindie Bishop
2nd - Alisha Davis
3rd - Cheyenne Remkes
4th - Cassidy Baird
5th - Taylor Tucker
5th - Karli Muir

Overall Teams
Overall Novice Clog Team Winners
NextStep Stars Amber Henrie
Dance Vibe Jamie McCleary
Wild Bunch Shelby Kicenski
NRG Pixiez Vickie Neilson

Overall Beginning Clog Team Winners
ER Vibrations Bethany Hulse
Starz Unlimited Rising Starz Brandi Gollinger
Rocky Mtn. Stompers Maria Tucker
Razz & Rhythm Minimites Missy Maughan
Foothill Flawless Tara Osborn
NRG QTeez Vickie Neilson

Overall Intermediate Clog Team Winners
NextStep Stompers Amber Henrie
ER Stompers Bethany Hulse
ER Rhythmites Bethany Hulse
Atomic Boom Lisa Timothy
Rocky Mtn. Dynamite Maria Tucker

Overall Advanced Clog Team Winners
NextStep Elite Amber Henrie
HD Fusion Andrea Dawes
ER Fusion Bethany Hulse
ER Intensity Bethany Hulse
Rocky Mtn. Magic Maria Tucker
Rocky Mtn. Hot Shots Maria Tucker
NRG Momz Vickie Neilson

Overall Champ Clog Team Winners
Elite Rhythm Bethany Hulse
Starz Unlimited Alliance Brandi Gollinger
Rocky Mtn. Unlimited Maria Tucker
J4C Sizzle Nicole Moyes
NRG Rockerz Vickie Neilson

Overall Pro Clog Team Winners
High Velocity Andrea Dawes
Extreme Rhythm Bethany Hulse
Electric Rhythm Bethany Hulse
NRG YA Girlz Vickie Neilson
NRG Sass Vickie Neilson