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Kick Off Classic Thanksgiving Point
February 22-25 & March 3-4 2023

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Dance February 22-25, 2023



Director of the Year

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Overall Advanced Dance Team Winners
Seniors A Palé Anne Weichers
Company/ Jr Company Let's go crazy Colleen Bills
Elite Hocus Pocus Cassie Warner

Advanced Overall Team Category winners
AED - Seniors A- What A Mess - Contemporary
Aspire - Elite Pretty - Contemporary
Aspire Dance Academy - Elite - Hocus Pocus - Open

Hot Shots - Company - Lets' Go Crazy - Jazz
AED - Seniors - A pale - Jazz
Hot Shots - Company - I gave you all - Lyrical
Hot Shots - Company - Beyonce - Hip Hop
AED -Ignite - Wake Up - Hip Hop
Aspire Dance Academy - Ethos and Elite - Bad Blood - Production

Advanced Judges Choice
Elite - Pretty - Aspire Dance Company -Cassie Warner

Overall Advanced Dance Studios
Aspire Dance Company - Cassie Warner
Hot Shots - Colleen Bills
American Expression of Dance Anne Weichers

Overall Advanced Dance Solo Winners
1st - Eva Arias
2nd - Morgan Williams
3rd - Bela Walker
4th - Grace Warner
5th - Elle Jones


Overall Intermediate Dance Team Winners

Premier and Jr Ethos Bloom in the Bitterness Cassie Warner
Eclipse Company Little Lion Man Brianne Bennett
Edge La La La Anne Weichers
Junior Premier Roll Out Brandy Christensen
Starstruck AllStars Top Gun Brandy Christensen
Elite Company You Are the Reason Brianna Griffeth
Sr Elite Like Wooh Colleen Bills
Jr/ Mini Company Blackpink Colleen Bills
IDT Vineyard Senior Hip Hop Team Get Like Me Karissa Molen (V)
Up and Coming Artists Footprints in the Sand Mady Beighley and Janalyn Memmott

Intermediate Judges Choice
Jr/Mini Company - BlackPink - Hot Shots

Overall Intermediate Dance Studios
Hot Shots Colleen Bills
Innovations Dance Academy Brianna Griffeth
Aspire Dance Academy Cassie Warner
American Expression of Dance Anne Weichers

Overall Beginning Dance Team Winners

Rise Hit, Run, Score! Anne Weichers
GlitterStars Barbie Girls Brandy Christensen
Little Stars Sparkling Diamonds Brandy Christensen
Teen Attack Put the Gun Down Cherese Emery
Micro Attack Where Our Dreams Begin Cherese Emery
Mini Attack Like The Living Dead Cherese Emery
Petite Attack North Cherese Emery
Mini Elite Shut up and drive Colleen Bills
IDT Contemporary Team Atlas:Daughter Karissa Molen
Micro Company Wizard of Oz Kim DelGrosso
PeeWee Tour Rainbow Connection Kim DelGrosso
Tiny Company Little Voice Kim DelGrosso
Empower ( Pulse ) Minnions Misty Peterson
Team Imperial I put a Spell on You Natalie McQuiston
Clap Snap Sheryl Dowling & Allison Thornton

Beginning Judges Choice
Micro Attach - Where our dreams begin - Move Dance Studio

Overall Beginning Dance Studios
Dansation Brianne Bennett
Step In Time Dance Kimberly Nelson
Move Dance Studio - Cherese Emery

Overall Novice Dance Team Winners

Jr. Prep Clap Your Hands Anne Weichers
SupaStars My Girl Brandy Christensen
Junior Sparks Rich Girl Cherese Emery
Petite Sparks and Small Sparks Don't Stop Me Now Cherese Emery
Micro Sparks Give Him a Great Big Kiss Cherese Emery
Mini Sparks Sea Cruise Cherese Emery
Petite Elite We own the night Colleen Bills
Jr Academy Wonder Woman Courtney Harrison
Mini Academy Show Off Courtney Harrison
Mini Academy Layton Rollin' Courtney Harrison
IDT Vineyard Gold Team Good to Go Karissa Molen (V)
Itty Bitty Tour Yellow Polka-Dot Bikini Kim DelGrosso
PeeWee Company You Are My Sunshine Kim DelGrosso
Empower ( Poise ) Twinkle Misty Peterson
Empower ( Prodigy ) Follow The Leader Misty Peterson

Novice Judges Choice
PeeWee Company - Mousketeers - Center Stage

Overall Novice Dance Studios
Hot Shots - Colleen Bills
Move Dance Studio - Cherese Emery
American Expression of Dance Anne Weichers


Clogging March 3-4, 2023

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 Pro Overall Clogging Winners

Overall A Cappella Duet Jr -
1st - Macie Wright and Luci Rand
2nd - Alexis Vawdrey & Lacey Wright
3rd - Grace Burnett & Sierra Gouldey

Overall A Cappella Duet Sr -
1st - Elizabeth Quinton & Coby Dewsnup
2nd - Elizabeth Quinton & Logan Quinton
3rd - Kaitlyn Bryant & Saffron French
- Mariah Holt & Tyann Wright
- Niala Vannice & Kayte Brown

Overall Duet Jr -
1st - EvVah Fewkes & Maggie Borchert
2nd - Berlynn Nelson & Gavin Wardell
3rd - Alexis Vawdrey & Saffron French
- Berlynn Nelson & Sydnee Norton
- Grace Burnett & Sierra Gouldey

Overall Duet Sr -

1st - Sienna Stevens & Skyler Kingsbury
2nd - Kaitlyn Bryant & Tyann Wright
3rd - Elizabeth Quinton & Coby Dewsnup
- Avery Ellis & Mckell Poll
- Presley Fewkes & Brynn Thomas

Overall Short Duet Jr -
1st - Maggie Borchert & Emily Holmberg
2nd - Alexis Vawdrey & Lacey Wright
3rd - Reagan Votruba and Shelly Knighton
- Grace Burnett & Sierra Gouldey

Overall Short Duet Sr -
1st - Avery Ellis & Hailey Pace
2nd - Hailey Pace & Mckell Poll
3rd - Brooklyn Fletcher & Skyler Kingsbury
4th - Niala Vannice & Kayte Brown
5th - Presley & EvVah Fewkes

Overall Freestyle Male Jr -

Overall Freestyle Male Sr -
1st - David Lewis
2nd - Skyler Kingsbury
3rd - Hayes Carter
- Coby Dewsnup
- Dalton Rivkind

Overall Freestyle Female Jr -
1st - EvVah Fewkes
2nd -Alexis Vawdrey
3rd - Mcaie Wright
4th -Berlynn Nelson
5th -Sadie Rich

Overall Freestyle Female Sr -
1st -Presley Fewkes
2nd -Ammanda Hall
3rd -Jane Hulse
4th -Olivia Bastian
5th -Lacey Wright

Overall Freestyle Female YA -
1st - Sabrina Allen
2nd - Hailey Pace
3rd -Avery Ellis
4th - Jenna Bowers
5th - Brittnie Voorhees

Overall A Cappella Jr -
1st - Sadie Rich
2nd - Sierra Gouldey
3rd - Macie Wright
4th - Kyla Atwood
5th - Reagan Votruba

Overall A Cappella Sr -

1st - Ammanda Hall
2nd - Elizabeth Quinton
3rd - London Thorkildsen
4th - Niala Vannice
5th - Kayte Brown

Overall A Cappella YA -
1st - Coby Dewsnup
- Skyler Kingsbury
- Brooke Hendrickson
- Brooklyn Fletcher
- Sabrina Allen

Overall Championship Freestyle

Male Jr
1st - Grayson Tucker
2nd - David Rex
3rd - Raeff Knighton
4th - Rock Knighton

Male Sr
1st - Ben Decker

Female Jr
1st - Peyton Henman
2nd - Maggie Hulse
3rd - Addie Hart
4th -Alexandria Valentine
5th -Addison Lee

Female Sr
1st - Holly Austin
2nd - Audrey Covill
3rd -Sophie Flint
4th -Kami Elmer
5th -Amy Hess


Overall Advanced Freestyle
Male Jr
1st - Andrew Wardell
2nd - Kyler Woolsey

Female Jr
1st - Sowala Hunt
2nd - Sadie Lund
3rd - Maddelyn Andrus
4th - Zoe Stanfill
5th - Elle Wiet

Female Sr
1st  - Elise Wells

Overall Teams
Overall Novice Clog Team Winners
NextStep Minis Do My Thing Amber Henrie
NextStep Starbursts Good to Go Amber Henrie
eR Buddies Fun Bethany Hulse
Foothill Flitter Cotton Eye Joe Tara Osborn
Foothill Flowers Shake your Tail Tara Osborn
NRG Dollz Never growing up Vickie Neilson

Judges Choice: Foothill Flitter Firework

Overall Novice Clog Studios
Starz Unlimited Brandi Gollinger
NextStep Amber Henrie
Foothill Cloggers Tara Osborn

Overall Beginning Clog Team Winners
NextStep Dynamite Queen Bee Amber Henrie
eR Express Baseball Bethany Hulse
eR Excite Wild Child Bethany Hulse
J4C Beginning Girls Swing Jamie and Ryan Moore
NRG Pixiez Brave Vickie Neilson

Judges Choice: NextStep Dynamite Queen Bee


Overall Beginning Clog Studios
Extreme Rhythm Bethany Hulse
NextStep Amber Henrie
Foothill Cloggers Tara Osborn

Overall Intermediate Clog Team Winners
NextStep Trio Rock This Town Amber Henrie
eR Intensity Bad Guys Bethany Hulse
Momentum JUMP! Lisa Timothy
Foothill Flawless We Will Rock You Tara Osborn
NRG Rockerz Lean on Vickie Neilson

Judges Choice: ER Intensity My Own Drum

Overall Intermediate Clog Studios
Extreme Rhythm Bethany Hulse
Foothill Cloggers Tara Osborn
Rocky Mtn Express Maria Tucker

Overall Advanced Clog Team Winners
NextStep Vibes Ponytail Amber Henrie
Razz & Rhythm Allstars Footloose Missy Maughan
Foothill Feisty Nerds Tara Osborn
NRG Qteez Precision Vickie Neilson

Judges Choice: NRG QTeez Want you back

Overall Advanced Clog Studios
Foothill Cloggers Tara Osborn
Rocky Mtn Express Maria Tucker

Overall Champ Clog Team Winners
NextStep Elite NASA Amber Henrie
Elite Rhythm Waitress Bethany Hulse
Rocky Mtn. Unlimited 80's RULE Maria Tucker
High Country Michelle Meehleis
Foothill Fury Puttin on the Ritz Tara Osborn
NRG Divaz Excuses Vickie Neilson

Judges Choice: Foothill Fury Puttin on the Ritz

Overall Champ Clog Studios
Extreme Rhythm Bethany Hulse
NextStep Amber Henrie
Rocky Mtn Express Maria Tucker

Overall Pro Clog Team Winners
Extreme Rhythm P. Diddy Bethany Hulse
FAB 5 ELITE ADDICTION Run It Kandice Anderson & C. Gib
High Country Michelle Meehleis
NRG SR Girlz Salute Vickie Neilson
NRG YA walk me home Vickie NeilsonJudges Choice: Extreme Rhythm Free and Easy

Judges Choice: NRG Senior Girlz Salute


Overall Pro Clog Studios
Extreme Rhythm Bethany Hulse
NRG Vickie Neilson Ashley Fewkes
Rocky Mtn Express Maria Tucker