What's New in
in 2022!

What's NEW in 2022 for Clogging and Power Tap
at America On Stage?

  • We are BACK DANCING at competition!
    Our facilities have arranged with us to do competitions as we normally do, with competition able to run as designed and we are so excited!
  • NEW SCHEDULING Options for Directors!
    This is the latest and newest way we want to make competition even better for you!

    We are able to offer you THREE exciting options for how you want to run competition to make it as great for you as possible.

       1. Standard Competition Categories
            Compete in each level as we normally have. Entries compete in each level as we normally have.
                Dancers compete in their normal competition categories with all the other dancers.

       2. Combined Studio Blocks
            Compete all your entries in a Combined Studio Block. You compete all your entries with one or
            two studios. Compete all your entries quickly and excitingly.
                Dancers compete in quick amount of time with another studio.

       3. HYBRID Schedule
            The best of both styles of competition. Higher levels compete in standard competition categories.
            Lower levels compete in combined studio blocks. Your lower levels compete quickly with another
            studio and need not be at the event all day. Your Higher levels compete in competition categories
            against other studios.
                The best of both worlds!  Upper Level dancers compete in their normal competition categories.
                Lower Level dancers are able to compete quickly and not be at the event all day.

    You specify at each event what you want to do for your schedule. It's even more amazing than before.

    See more details here.

  • Adv and Champ Freestyle Dance offs are back!
    We're bringing back our Overall Freestyle Dance Offs for our Advanced and Championship Freestyle. We're going to make them shine!

  • The LEGACY AWARD is back!
    Dancers who win overall freestyle at each of our 4 styles of events (Kick Offs, Regionals, State Champs, and
     Nationals) will be awarded our special Legacy award. Check out all the winners as well as how close you
     are to your own Legacy award here!


    We are so excited to be back with our Awards Ceremonies. And let's make them shine even more exciting!

  • 40th Anniversary Celebration
      All year long, we will be celebrating our 40th birthday at America On Stage. Watch for even more fun at
       competition!We're going all out to have so much fun including:

          - Inviting everyone to wear the RETRO All-American jackets to Nationals. Show us the history.

          - We're inviting all cloggers from the east coast and the west coast to join us this year at Nationals!
    It night not happen again for a while since it's hard to get everything lined up, but let's rock this year!

          - For A Cappella teams, we invite you to wear your old retro costumes! Judges can't see you, and we
             all can certainly can. Costumes are not judged or even need to match. Just awesome showing off
             what we all used to consider awesomeness. 

          - And so much more coming...!


  • Director's Competition Hospitality packets at competition
     As some facilities no longer allow outside food in their facilities, we are introducing new director's Hospitality Packets.
     We do all we can to take care of you.
  • And we are now adding Musical Theater to our competitions!
       Singing and theater are soon to grace our stages along with all our dances.

We have SO MUCH FUN coming this year. And we can't wait to see you on stage this year.