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See which grants you have available to you online.

Grants are automatically updated here when you receive them and use them.

Use your grants in your registration and keep the remaining money as your grant!

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You can upload your music online in a personal music folder and we'll bring it to you at competition!

We'll play it for you and reduce the stress even more!

One more easy way to make competition even better!

*Remember to ALWAYS bring a back up yourself!

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When your dancers compete, they earn points for your studio. These points are all year long and the top 15 are awarded at Nationals!


When dancers compete, they earn points for themselves. These points are all year long and the top 7 are awarded at Nationals!
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Register all your dancers and teachers online! It's easy! You can even Re-Register them - no need to re-enter their information!


Make your payments  online and have it all ready taken care of before you get to the event.

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On  each event page, you can find that event's RESULTS, PICTURES, PROGRAMS, DEADLINES, and DATES FOR POSTING along with more information.

Programs post at the following dates

Updated Schedule - 24 days prior
Final Program - 15 days prior
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We want the Director's Corner to benefit everyone to the maximum amount!

See more detailed information below

What are Studio Grants?
Studio grants are cash grants given as credit certificates given to qualifying directors of performing arts studios that participate in America On Stage events. Directors can use these certificates as credit towards the next events registration and keep the remaining balance of registration to be used at the director's discretion for studio improvement. Size of STUDIO GRANTS can be as much as 10% of all studio registration fees (competition fees for teams, duets, individuals, etc). All qualifying directors are eligible to receive up to 10% of their total studio registration received before the pre-registration deadline in a studio grant. See more information here.


FINAL PROGRAMS include down to the minute scheduling!
Our FINAL PROGRAM has every dancer's time to dance written down to the minute. Know when you will be on stage and when to be done!
Always arrive at least ONE HOUR early and be ready to shine!


America On Stage's AMAZING awards program
See all the awesome awards we award be clicking here!


SUPERStar Points
Every time you compete, you earn SUPERStar points (see here).

SUPERStars Today
Points are added all day long at each competition and those with the most points at the end of the competition are awarded as SUPERStars Today. They are awarded on stage with a special awards pin at the competition in the awards ceremony.

Overall SUPERStars
Points are added all year long and those with the most points at the end of the year are awarded as Overall SUPERStars at Nationals!

Dancers are awarded in OVERALL INDIVIDUAL, OVERALL DUET and OVERALL TEAM in EVERY LEVEL! See SUPERStar information and winners here.

Director of the Year Points
Every time you compete, you earn SUPERStar points (see below). These points are multiplied by the number of dancers in the entry. (10 team members multiplies the SUPERStar points by 10).
Points are added all year long and we award the top 15 directors as Director's of the Year.
The TOP TWO Directors will be called DOUBLE PLATINUM Directors of the Year
The next 8 Directors will be called PLATINUM Directors of the Year
The next top 5 Directors will be called GOLD Directors of the Year
See the Director's of the Year here



Registration Guidelines and Deadlines

Director's we want to make the registration process and schedule work as well as possible for you as we can.
But we need your help so the schedules are delivered on time, and are accurate. This way you can tell your students when to be there.
Late registration can make the schedule wrong and no one is happy when the schedule is wrong!

Here's how the Registration schedule will work for each competition

ESTIMATED SCHEDULE - 4 months before event
All events have an initial estimated schedule on the website.
Simply go to the competition webpage and see the estimated schedule

PRE-REGISTRATION DEADLINE - 4 weeks before event
4 weeks before event, Registration is due. Late Registration is accepted only if there is time still available.

UPDATED SCHEDULE - 24 days before event (Tuesday)
This schedule gives updated times according to registration received. This is still general, but let's you know when each level will be competed.
This schedule can still vary as much as 1-2 hours depending on registration still being received. It is located on each competition's webpage also.
24 days before event, an Updated Schedule is posted online and sent to directors. Registration changes are available online

FINAL PROGRAM - 15 days before event (Wednesday)
This schedule is actually the final program of the event. It is located on the competition webpage under schedule. Registration changes should all be made, all registration should be in, and the program should be pretty solid. Late registration may still be admitted (we try and have all registration in by this date!), and this schedule should be right on. PLEASE PLAN ON SHOWING UP AT LEAST ONE HOUR BEFORE YOUR FIRST EVENT in case of traffic, parking, lines, or other difficulties. Events will be at most 15 minutes ahead of schedule, so be ready!

DIRECTOR'S PERSONAL PROGRAM - 15 days before event (Wednesday)
This is a special program that lists all the times for just your director. (You don't have to search the entire program for your kids.) It is also located on the website under schedule. This is an extremely useful program.
See where you dance. We will also post a personal program for each director.


Changes and additions from this date and forward will need to be made either by Email to competitions@americaonstage.org or at the event. Get them done early!

Additions made after this date may not be in the program as it is printed the Monday before an event.



Registration Instructions

Register either online. Please note the registration deadlines and make all changes and additions two weeks before event. (Changes and additions can still be made, but they are a little more cumbersome and you might not make the program if made late.)

When registering online, it is this easy:

  1. Go to the Online Registration page (click here)

  2. Sign in yourself in the Director's information (If you have already done this, proceed onto step 3)

  3. Click on the registration page from the competition you want to enter.
        Notice that once you enter someone, you will see a confirmation of them on top of the page)
        Select other pages to register on at the bottom of the page.

  4. When done entering all your dancers, proceed onto the Registration Summary page. This allows you to see all your entries for a competition.

  5. If you need to make any registration changes, you can click on the link and follow the instructions to proceed on there.

  6. If no changes are needed, proceed onto medallions ordering. (If you don't order any medallions, there might not be enough for your kids.)

  7. Order any tickets (if you are attending Lagoon)

  8. Pay for your registration. We accept Mastercard and Visa online.

  9. Submit your Studio Grant Registration credit. (IF YOU DO NOT MAIL IN YOUR ACTUAL CERTIFICATE, IT WILL NOT BE CREDITED TOWARDS YOUR COMPETITION FEES. We do this to protect this program from fraud and illegal activities. Hold onto your certificates like they were cash!



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